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How to Create a paystub

For any business owner, should know how to create paystub. Pay stub is an essential part of the payroll process, whether it’s made in Excel or using an online generator like


  1. What is a Payslip?
  2. What information does a payslip contains ?
  3. Online payslip creators
  4. How to create payslip in Excel?
  5. How to create a payslip FAQ
  6. The Takeway

What is a Pay stub?

Payslip is an official document that details an employee’s monthly salary and tax deductions. Each employer has different regulations regarding compensation deductions, such as those for health and other insurance payment. A payslip is a way to ensure your employees are being paid accurately.

Payslips benefit employees, too, helping them better understand their salary. Employees might also need their payslip as proof of income when renting a home or applying for a loan. And perhaps most importantly—many states have laws requiring employers to issue payslips.

What information does a payslip contain?

      Most payslips include basic company information, employee information, and a breakdown of employee pay. Here is some key information to include on a payslip, regardless of where you live:

  • Employee name and ID
  • Tax period and tax code
  • Employee pay rate (hourly or salary)
  • Gross wages (total amount before deductions)
  • Tax deductions (like social security or pension)
  • Personal deductions (like health insurance or 401K)
  • Net pay (total pay after deductions)
  • Year-to-date pay

How to create a payslip

There are many different ways to create payslip. Its important to review all the methods that which method you use for your business.

use paystubs online dot com

How to create a Payslip for Employee

For creating a employee payslip, several components and formats are given below:

  1.  Payslip Components
  2. Basic Salary
  3. Allowance 
  4. Salary Reductions
  5. Additional Incentives

Automated payroll software

Payrool software is a most straightforward way to create a payslip. It saves time and minimizes the likelihood of mistakes, which can cause legal ramifications later on. If you already use a payroll program like GustoSage, or Xero, you’ll have free access to a payslip generator within the software. Other programs offer payroll generators for an additional fee.

Payslip templates

In online, many organizations offer free templates and paystubs online dot net offer free paystubs calculator  for small-business owners, which can be imported to Excel or filled in using a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat.

Here are some of the most popular payslip templates for small-business owners:

  1. Legal Forms
  2. Stub Creator
  3. Shopify
  4. FormPros

Excel payslip

Excel or any spreadsheet program is a completely customized payslip. Can add own company logo and use whatever font placement or headings you want, since this is a completely DIY method. Here are the basic steps for making a payslip in Excel:

  1. Make a table. 
  2. Create a section for company and employee information. 
  3. Create two sub-tables. 
  4. Use formulas to total each sub-table. .
  5. Create a cell for net pay. 

The takeaway

The easiest software is a Payroll Software.Though the software involves upfront costs, this option will pay off in time savings and reduced errors. If you’re not ready to invest in payroll software, there are many free online templates that will save you time when creating payslips. And if you want to customize your payslips to the fullest, you can create one in Excel by using formulas, columns, and rows.

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