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How To Create A More Spiritual Home 

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How To Create A More Spiritual Home 

Every home serves as a sanctuary. A place to get away from the roar of everyday life, to exist and reflect, to be one with yourself and feel safe in your own space. For spiritual people, it is also a haven where they can fully invest in their own beliefs, rituals and habits. 

But how do they do this? If you are a spiritual person and you are planning to implement this part of yourself into your household, how can you do it in a way that works for you and the rest of your family? 

Well, family is the important thing here. In 2023, more families than ever are identifying as “non-religious, but spiritual”, so you are not only creating a home for you but a home that can inspire your children and be a space for them to find their own spiritualist voice. 

With this in mind, here are three things you can do to create a more spiritual family home: 

Keep Your Space Clean

This might seem like quite a simple first point, but if you want your home to be a spiritual haven, you will need to rid it of its old – perhaps bad – energy. To do this, you need to tidy up, get rid of clutter and reorganise everything in the way that you see fit. 

Getting rid of this clutter and cleaning the house from top to bottom will help to dissolve old energies and allow new, exciting energy to be introduced. 

Spiritualism is also about relaxing into yourself and letting your mind feel free. Clutter has been known to amplify levels of anxiety and even affect our sleep, both of which you will want to avoid in your effort to create a more spiritual space.

Show Respect To Religion

When it comes to children, it’s important not to overwhelm them with your own personal beliefs. Having an openly spiritual home means that your children can grow up with a number of options and not just be closed off to one. 

A great way to do this is through art. There are so many pieces of art out there that beautifully depict different religions and cultures in a way that children can understand and even interact with – check out israeli center of judaica and art for a few examples of glass, ceramic, stone and even 3D pieces. 

Let your children experience these parts of religion, and teach them that it’s important to respect them. By doing this, you are introducing them to religion in a non-committable, educational, yet heuristic way, which will similarly help them to expand their horizons and make their own choices.

Create A Thinking Space 

Lastly, it is important to section off a part of your home – whether inside or outside – to have it as a thinking space. This is a place where you and your family can go to think, pray, worship, meditate, do yoga, or simply switch off from the rest of the world for a while. 

Once again, this is about creating an informal structure. What we mean by this is the space can be used as a way to speak directly to God – or Source – or it can just be a space for the family to find themselves.

 In essence, it is designed to be anything a family member wants it to be, allowing them to tap into their own inner peace and feel comfortable and safe. At the end of the day, that is what spiritualism is all about. 


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