How to Create a Gojek-Style Multi-Service App?

Multi-service apps have had a significant growth rate recently in the on-demand industry. The multi-service app’s appeal is due to its easy setting, enabling customers to purchase practically all their necessities from a single store. It is a wholesome platform for those who would rather avoid surfing through multiple apps. The multi-service solution enables all tasks to be completed on a single platform. A multi-service app is also known as The Super App.

The world has provided us with some excellent examples of these types of apps, and entrepreneurs are now using digitalization to shape their businesses due to being inspired by them. One of them is Gojek, which encourages business owners to create multi-service software with the aid of the Gojek Clone App. If you belong to that group, you absolutely must read this guide. Here, we’ll go over what a Gojek clone app is and the procedures for creating one.


Summary of Gojek

Gojek, often known as Go-Jek, is a popular super app in South Asia that offers a variety of advantages for the on-demand market. It was initially provided a ride-hailing service through a contact center in Indonesia in 2010. After that, in 2015, the business launched its official app with four key products: Go-ride, Go-food, Go-shop, and Go-send. In less than two years, it had 30 million app downloads, a proud occasion for them.

It obtained the status of a multi-service platform and became the first unicorn firm in South Asia by verifying 20+ goods in three powerful nations. Gojek announced the conclusion of its merger with Tokopedia on May 17, 2021, and created a brand-new holding company called GoTo. The statistics state that Gojek had 170 million users in Indonesia. What a motivating tale, yes? Let’s start the development process, which is the most important step.


The Developmental Stages

With the aid of Gojek Clone, you can provide a wide range of services to your audience. To make your program accessible to the audience, you must consider these development phases.


Market Research

It is crucial to research current market trends before starting the development process, such as what’s popular right now, what consumers desire, what problems your target market has that you can solve, and many other things. Knowing your trade niche clearly can help you determine which products will have high or low market success rates.


Select the Best Team

The next step is to locate a competent development company to carry out the app development procedure on your behalf. To create an app similar to Gojek, it is important to choose the best development team that can finish the project in the allotted time and has a team of developers with a lot of experience. Such businesses provide a great app that is already designed. Therefore, you can try the demo and, if appropriate, buy the ready-made solution immediately.


Platform Is Vital

Choosing between various platforms to launch your application is another essential step. You can release your software on three platforms: native, cross-platform, and web. Native app platforms include Windows, iOS, and Android. The Second is a cross-platform software, commonly called a hybrid app, that may be tailored for several platforms while being produced using a single coding language. The third one is a web app; although it runs through a web browser, it has a similar interface to the mobile app. You must now decide on the platform to deploy your multi-service app.


Pick a technology stack.

The most significant step in the development process is technology. The most recent technology allows you to support different app functions. You can choose from various options, including HTML, CSS, Google Cloud, AI and machine learning, AR/VR, chatbots, blockchain, Linux, and AWS. Thanks to the state-of-the-art tech stack, your app development will be powerful enough to give your customers scalability functionalities.


Create & Develop

Producing the application comes next after examining the relevant factors. The development team will first create wireframes to illustrate the structure of your app. Button, pop-up, and other visual representations of your future app’s structure are included. The app development team can now be instructed to begin coding when the blueprints have been verified. Make that the appropriate team has been assigned for the coding phase.


Test And Launch

The next stage after development is to test your multi-service software. Before making your program user-accessible, testing is essential. In the unlikely event of a bug, you can fix it before launch. Testing makes it simple to determine whether all features and functionalities operate as intended; if not, a remedy must be made first. After receiving successful and bug-free app testing reports, you are prepared to launch your multi-service app.


List all the Features


For a Business:


Real-time Status

Real-time Status To coordinate with all of the potential customers, a business should obtain the real-time status of its activities.


Multi-Country Support

Using the platform, business owners can manage their operations across many nations and localities.


Secure Payment Gateways

A company needs to incorporate secure payment gateways that let clients trust the payment processes in multiple countries.


Payment Module

It is a crucial characteristic that no company should ever be without. The solution’s billing module automates all revenue and profit tracking channels.


Automated Business Data Configuration

A corporation that offers multiple services must keep track of many factors; the admin panel’s dashboard does this.

A user application like Gojek needs to have a few key features to engage users and make their tasks simple.


For Users:


Social Signups

Social signups make the process of enrolling for an application easier since they use data that is already present in social apps.

Multiple Payment Methods

gives customers various payment options to select to pay conveniently and at a discount.


Feedback Submission

Allowing clients to provide feedback on the services builds brand trust and enables the company to refine its procedures.


In-app Navigation

Customers will be able to monitor the status of their orders or the service provider’s performance by knowing the live status.


Language Preferences

Customers can select their preferred language when a business operates in multiple nations.

The feature list for various verticals varies since, on a platform like Gojek, a company must permit a wide range of benefits. You can mention all the simple-to-integrate aspects of different verticals.


Development Cost

The precise cost of development cannot be determined. Therefore, the budget depends on some variables, including: 


  • Your design of the software’s UI/UX app will affect the pricing structure.
  • Second, the size of the application also has an impact on the budget; a large application will require more funding.
  • The more sophisticated features you add, the more money it will cost. Live tracking, in-app chat, appointment bookings, and other features require a pricey framework.
  • The platform you choose for the launch of your app will also have an impact on the budget because each platform has different fees.
  • After your app becomes life, maintenance will also use up money from your budget. Your app will eventually need to be updated and maintained.


Nevertheless, based on the sophisticated features and tech stack you employ to construct the application, the pricing structure can be predicted to range from $20k to $90k or more.


Benefits of Creating a Gojek-Clone

The web sector has shown a consistent increase in online commerce since the Covid-19 epidemic. Safety and no-contact delivery are now more well-known. With more than two trillion US dollars in global eCommerce revenue in 2022, Asia, according to Statista, generated the most.

As a result, one of the main justifications for opening an online store is to cater to customers who prefer to shop there.

The idea of having several uses has become very popular recently. People choose the all-in-one app rather than downloading an excessive number of apps to complete the work. To make it easier for consumers to utilize the platform, you can give a seamless online shopping flow to payment gateways in a single app.

A multi-service app’s ability to make much money is another excellent benefit. Since the software is all about providing different services, you may attract more clients by offering more services. This will initially result in the app platform making more money.



For companies wishing to provide their clients with a large selection of goods, the Gojek clone app or the Postmates clone app is the ideal on-demand option. The tutorial outlines the easy steps to take when creating your multi-service app similar to Gojek or Postmates like apps. With the aid of a super-app platform, you can experience enormous success in the current market.


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