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How to correctly choose our lingerie?

Lingerie is more of a luxury than a need, while underwear is a must. If you’re a lady, single or not, you should treat yourself. Although it is hidden from view, a little article of clothing may accomplish a lot (except for your partner, maybe). 

One gains positivity, joy, and self-assurance from it!

Lace, chiffon, rayon, ruffles, feathers, and everything else that made your intimates more alluring saw a surge in favor in the early 19th century. In the beginning, lingerie was only a sign of social standing. 

Eventually, it became a symbol of female celebration for significant life events such as weddings and anniversaries, prompting women to make special purchases. For many, lingerie will always have a particular place in their hearts; for others, it is a necessity and a worthwhile investment.

Need help figuring out which lingerie would look best on you? Find out by scrolling down.

Choosing the Right Bra for Your Body Shape

Body Shape


Wear lingerie that emphasizes your curves if you have a classic “36-24-36” body type. If you have a slim waist and narrow hips, you can wear just about anything and look great. However, girdles, teddies, and corsets are fantastic options for this figure. 

A thong or high-leg panty paired with a lace-up bra is likewise acceptable.


The triangle body shape is defined by wide shoulders and large hips, both of which are quite fashionable right now. When you have a triangle physique, your hips are broader than your shoulders. The goal is to have a more symmetrical and proportional appearance. 

A lace negligee that is fitted through the bust and hips is a terrific choice. You may also highlight your breasts by wearing a bustier. Additionally, you may attempt a pair consisting of a ruffled bra and pants or a bandeau bra that will help to balance out your hips and shoulders.

Rectangle Bodies

You have a rectangular body shape if you are lean and muscular, with no obvious curves. Corsets are the most effective garments for achieving this result. Curves and a sensual appearance are added. 

A garter belt or teddy bear would complement your lengthy torso well. You may also choose lingerie like a bustier or a push-up bra to draw attention to your breasts.

Inverted Triangle Figure

What you choose to highlight about your broad shoulders is a matter of taste. Your best bets are halter necks or scoop necks. Choose a bear to draw attention away from a flat rear end. An additional sensual alternative is to pair a bralette with a pair of lace pants or a thong. 

If you want a more demure style, matching cami sets are another choice.

Round Body Type

If your upper body and torso are significantly broader than your hips and your waist is rather round, then you have a round body type. This necessitates the use of lingerie that may help you achieve this goal. 

You should choose a negligee that covers your stomach and accentuates your breast. A teddy bear may also be comfortably worn by someone with this build. A pair of chemises or a satin lingerie gown is an intriguing option for beginners since it is both seductive and provides some modesty.

Different Kinds of Lingerie

body type

Here is a list of all the different kinds of lingerie that you may find at, now that you know which ones work best for your body type.

Garter Belt

If you think a garter belt is too complex, think again. Try it out at least once because you won’t regret it. It includes a bra or corset and a panty with four straps to keep the stockings in place. It works as a base layer for dresses and skirts. 

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the lingerie industry, a garter belt is a terrific place to start.


Camisoles are great for everyday wear, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain. The next level of your intimate game is a completely laced cami and matching panty. Put it on beneath your shirt when you go out, or use it as a nighttime tease for your lover. 

In any case, every woman should have at least one.

Matching Pairs

Every lady needs a few high-quality matching pairs. Putting on two pieces of clothing that go together immediately makes you feel more confident and attractive. They are expensive but well worth it.


Corsets are great for hiding your flaws and bringing in your waist. Your curves will be highlighted and defined by the lace ties. Wear a corset-like you would any other top, or cover it up with a transparent or see-through garment.


A bustier is similar to a corset in many respects, but its primary purpose is to enhance the bust. You may think of it as a push-up bra because of the effect it has on your bust. The streamlined design is accentuated by the hook-and-eye fasteners.


It’s like putting on a bra and pants at the same time, except better. You may get them in a two-piece style with materials including lace, satin, lycra, and leather. They don’t have padding but provide enough support thanks to their underwire.


Sleepwear should be comfortable, calming, and seductive. Improve your performance with sensual undergarments. If you’re looking for a luxurious nightgown, go no further than a satin robe. You may wear a two- or three-piece combination beneath a short nightgown or a long one. 


It lives up to its price and is quite impressive. You can’t go wrong with a negligee if you’re in the market for some new underwear but aren’t sure what would catch his eye. It’s flirtatious, light as air, and comfortable on the skin.

Take Away

Knowing your body type may be quite helpful when shopping for lingerie. The sorts of lingerie you should buy depend largely on your body shape and size. Once you have this knowledge, you may shop for lingerie that suits you. 

Keep airflow in mind, too. Since it will be in constant touch with your flesh, the fabric must be of the highest possible quality. The fabric shouldn’t be too rough on your skin.

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