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Cryptocurrencies are said to have entered their fourth stage of adoption, with Bitcoin taking the lead – BTC alone is reaching 400,000 transactions per day. Crypto exchanges remain at the center of all cryptocurrency transactions.

These platforms have done a great job facilitating conversions and transfers – although most of them are still complicated and involve lengthy steps. Some, however, such as, stand out by simplifying the process and offering many interesting, thoughtful features.

For instance, they have gone so far as to guarantee fixed exchange rates and extra-low fees. They also find the best rates for you, don’t ask for private information, guarantee security, and process your transaction at lightning speed. 

In this guide, we go through every step you have to take when converting your crypto assets via the cryptocurrency calculator and converter.

Step 1: Go to the Official Website

Once you open, you will immediately notice the simplicity of the site. Without beating around the bush, the fields for converting cryptocurrencies are located right in the center. They are clearly marked “You send” and “You get.” There is also a button that says “Exchange.”

Step 2: Choose the Coins You Want to Work With

You can enter the type of coins you want to send and receive in the designated areas. There’s a drop-down arrow that opens a menu with hundreds of coins. You don’t have to scroll all the way down, though. You could just type the first few letters of the crypto to use as a filter.

Alternatively, scrolling down the main page takes you through the customer review, popular coins, and coin pairs sections. You could also select a coin pair to convert in the latter category. 

If you were to convert DOGE to BTC on Godex, you could scroll down and pick the DOGE to BTC pair. This will automatically fill the exchange fields with DOGE on one side and BTC on the other side. If you want to exchange them the other way around, you only have to click the arrows in the middle, and the entries will swap.

Next, you want to enter how many coins you want to convert. The minimum amount of a Bitcoin you can transact on is as low as 0.003. You can select the amount of DOGE to convert to BTC or the amount of BTC you want to receive. Either will work.

Step 3: Enter Your Wallet Address

You now want to submit your recipient wallet address. If you don’t have one for the coins you want to receive, you’ll have to create a wallet first. This is where your converted coins will be sent.

Step 4: Send Your Crypto

Let’s say you are converting DOGE to BTC because we have already used that example. After you enter your wallet address and click the exchange button, Godex will generate a personal address for you to send your DOGE coins. The exchange process begins as soon as your coins are received by the platform.

Step 5: Exchanging

Before your crypto arrives, you will see on the right-hand side of the website that they are waiting for a deposit. The process of conversion begins as soon as your deposit arrives. You have to wait for a few minutes – approximately 5 to 30, depending on how much you are transacting and the type of coins. prides itself on taking as little time as possible to complete your trade.

Step 6: Completion

The status will be changed to “completed” once your converted coins have been sent to your recipient wallet address. Notice that all you have to do until now is wait for Godex to do its thing. Go ahead and check your wallet to ensure that you have received all your coins in full. If you want to, go back and exchange some more coins!

Why Convert Your Cryptocurrency on

The elevator pitch conveying the reasons for transacting your crypto assets on packs several compelling reasons that can be summarized as follows:

  • Absolute security: you get protection from DDoS attacks, and each transaction is secured through an SSL certificate.
  • Anonymity: no need for lengthy KYC procedures. Just open the website and convert your cryptos. Anonymity also implies your details cannot be obtained illegally at any stage of your interaction with
  • Fixed Rates: what you see on the exchange calculator is exactly what you get after the transaction.
  • Large coins selection: you are spoiled for choices with over 200 cryptocurrencies on Godex.
  • No transaction limits: Godex lets you work with as much cryptocurrency as you wish.


Even without this guide, you can go straight to, and you’ll be done converting your cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes. Feel free to visit the site and take a look. Once you try Godex, you will not want to go anywhere else for your crypto exchange. 

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