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How to Convert Millimeters to Centimeters

Have you faced a problem of transforming millimeters into cm? Put aside worries since we will sort out below how to convert two units effortlessly.


Whether you are an engineer or a learner, you may encounter metric units occasionally. One of the tasks may imply transforming one unit into another, for instance, mm to cm. In fact, this process is simpler than it seems.

Sometimes, it is sufficient to keep in mind an easy equation. Let’s figure out what mm. and centimeters mean and how to turn these units fast and properly.

Acquaintance with Metric Units

Before switching to means of turning millimeters to centimeters, it will be a good idea to get a representation of what these units are. Speaking about a millimeter stands for a unit of the International system of units. It is utilized to measure the length of an object or a person. The symbol of this unit is “mm”.

Being another unit of the International system of units, the centimeter is utilized to measure length and distance. This unit is abbreviated as “cm”.

Convert millimeters to centimeters

Simple Techniques of Converting Units

Were you asked to transform millimeters to cm. but you don’t know how to do this correctly? Don’t hasten to panic since below we will consider effective methods of turning two units without an issue.

Let’s begin with the answer to the “how many mm in a cm” question. As known, there are 10 millimeters in 1 cm. This is where the first method of mm to cm conversion comes in.

To get the correct number of centimeters, it is enough to divide the number of millimeters by 10. For instance, your task is to convert 1mm to cm. This implies the answer is 0.1 cm.

Likewise, let’s turn 30 mm into centimeters. The ratio will be as follows: 30 mm/10 = 3 cm.

Millimeters to Centimeters

Employ Online Converter

If you don’t have a calculator near you or you don’t want to waste time dividing the number of millimeters to obtain centimeters, there is another option to get the proper number of cm. The solution implies relying on an online converter. This tool is irreplaceable if you intend to transform a millimeter into a centimeter.

If you need to convert, for instance, 160 mm to inches, this task will be easily performed by an online converter as well. What’s more convenient is that the converter instrument assists users to turn not only units of length such as millimeters and centimeters. The tool is capable of transforming units of temperature, pressure, force, volume, energy, area, power, time, and more.

Improve your Conversion Skills

The key to being an expert in transforming metric units is regular practice. If you are required to turn units occasionally, make sure you dedicate a little bit of extra time to conversion.

For instance, you may ask your relatives or friends to give you examples of conversion. Likewise, you may find suitable examples online and transform metric units in your free time.

Improving conversion skills is great but what if you don’t have enough time for practice? There is no necessity to worry since you can employ an online converter at any time and place. There is no doubt that by going to, programmers, economists, and ordinary users will have the possibility to transform different units in a flash of an eye.


People of various professions and common users may need to transform mm to cm and on the contrary from time to time. If you are among those who require assistance with converting, you can familiarize yourself with the above-mentioned means of turning metric units. Aside from using a special equation, you can likewise employ a useful online converter to make the conversion process quick and hassle-free.

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