How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo

Alpine Stereos are among the best car stereos on the market. They are known for their high quality, classy looks, and great features. Since they are made to fit in your car, it is important that you know how to connect them to Bluetooth so that you can use them efficiently.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets your devices talk to one another using the 2.4 GHz radio band. If you would like, you could also browse through our broad range of latest car stereos.

In this article, we will discuss how to connect Bluetooth to Alpine stereo.

How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo

There are two ways to connect your Bluetooth to the Alpine Stereo. Either you could choose a Bluetooth-enabled head unit or add an aftermarket one like the CDE-153BT Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver and install it inside the dashboard.

Before we make any decision, we should know more about both these options:

Option A: Using An Alpine Head Unit

This is the simplest of all methods to add Bluetooth connectivity to your car stereo system. You can purchase a new model that has built-in Bluetooth such as CDE-HD137BT , which allows you to play CDs, AM/FM radio, along with accessing on-device tunes using Pandora and iHeartRadio control through an iPhone (click here for more information). If you have an older model, you can purchase the KCA-BT300, which is a Bluetooth adapter and comes with a remote.

To connect your smartphone to this new head unit, simply turn on the stereo and press the “Source/Off” button until AUX appears on the display. Now select “Bluetooth” as your source and tap on OK. Android users will need to download the Alpine TuneIt App (free), while Apple device owners can use Siri Eyes Free (also free). This app lets you control many aspects of music playback with voice commands.

The installation process for these models is very easy as they come ready to install right out of the box: all wiring harnesses and connectors are pre-made so no cutting or splicing of the wires is required. You can connect your car ground to the negative battery post, power lead which comes with the adapter, antenna cable, and finally you could turn on the radio according to your preference.

All you have to do is find a suitable position for the microphone in your car. At times it might be necessary for you to purchase an additional hardware kit in order to install this Bluetooth head unit in your vehicle.

Option B: Installing An Aftermarket Bluetooth Receiver

This alternative choice offers more freedom than using an Alpine head unit because you could access many music apps directly from your smartphone or tablet computer. The CDE-153BT has everything that you need in one compact package including a 4V line-out converter, remote control, Bluetooth circuitry, and an amplifier.

The installation is very easy; you’ll only need to connect your car battery, ground wire (negative lead), power, and finally antenna. This unit comes with several accessories like FM modulators, cables for iPod connection, subwoofer control interface, wireless remote, microphone kit, mounting hardware kit, etc.

If you use the TuneIt App/iTunes (free) or Siri Eyes Free (free), then there are no additional steps involved in setting up this receiver since it works along with these apps. However, if you want to use other music applications then you have to first install a tuning adapter that bridges between your phone’s audio playback settings and CDE-153BT. The package also includes a microphone, which you need to install for making hands-free calls.

Remember that this Bluetooth receiver is not compatible with all smartphones, so be sure to check the Product Page before ordering one. Seek help from an expert if you aren’t confident about installing it yourself.

FAQs: How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo

Q1: Can I use my existing car stereo with this optional Bluetooth adapter?

A: No, you’ll need to purchase a new head unit that comes with built-in Bluetooth or get an external model like CDE-153BT.

Q2: Can I use my phone’s audio playback apps directly through the auxiliary input of this receiver?

A: Yes, but only if it is compatible with your phone. If not, then you can install an additional adapter kit in order to make it work.

Q3: What are some smartphone apps that allow me to play music on the Alpine Stereo System?

A: iHeartRadio is one of them and it also offers thousands of stations in different genres along with high-quality content.


Stereo systems that feature Bluetooth connectivity are becoming increasingly common these days. And if you’re one of the many drivers who want to enjoy music on the go, then you can install an Alpine head unit in your car, it will make things much easier for you. Bear in mind all the instructions mentioned here are meant to help regular users and not professional car audio technicians.

We hope this article helped you learn “How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo”. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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