How to Compress PDF in Mobile

There has been a growing reliance on mobile devices for work and the prevalence of remote work. With that said, compressing PDFs has become a necessity of the hour—as they are easier to open and view on mobile devices.

Basically, when you compress a PDF, it helps you address challenges related to file size, bandwidth, and storage constraints. This in turn optimizes the workflow for those who need to manage and access documents efficiently on their mobile phones.

Why Compress PDFs on Android or iOS Device?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should compress PDFs on your android or iOS device:

  1. Reduces files, quicker upload and download times.
  2. Takes up less space on your mobile device
  3. Easier and faster to open and view PDFs on mobile devices.
  4. Are more manageable for sharing through email or messaging apps.
  5. Helps conserve internet bandwidth.


How to Compress PDFs on Android or iOS Device?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to compress PDFs is to upload it on KlearStack’s compress PDF tool.

Following are the steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to KlearStack
  2. Upload or drag and drop the PDF directly onto the designated area.
  3. Select High, Medium, or Low compression options.
  4. Click “Compress” to initiate the process.
  5. Click “Download” to save the compressed PDF.

Adjust the Compression Levels for your PDFs

Yes you heard that right! KlearStack’s compress PDF tool lets you easily shrink your PDFs as per your desired compression levels.

Usually, it offers you three compression options to pick from:

  • Low Compression:
      • Suitable for minimal reduction in file size.
      • Maintains relatively higher quality.
      • Ideal when a balance between compression and document quality is essential.
  • Medium Compression:
      • Offers a moderate reduction in file size.
      • A compromise between file size and document quality.
      • Recommended for users seeking a balanced approach to compression.
  • High Compression:
    • Results in a significant reduction in file size.
    • Sacrifices some document quality for maximum compression.
    • Useful when minimizing file size is the top priority, and slight quality loss is acceptable.

It is worth noting that—When you pick a compression option, estimated compression rates guide your decision. Compression varies based on your document’s content; text-heavy PDFs compress differently than image-rich ones. Basic compression reduces the file by about 40% with minimal impact on image and data quality. Strong compression may affect image clarity or data quality, so use it judiciously, particularly for online submissions requiring specific file sizes. Avoid strong compression for slight size reductions.

Why Try Our Free PDF Compressor Tool?

Effortless Size Reduction

Shrink PDF files directly from your web browser, saving time and effort.

Drag-and-Drop Ease

Simply drag and drop your PDFs for easy file size reduction.

Swift File Sharing

Share compressed PDFs hassle-free with colleagues or clients.

Adjust Compression Levels

Tailor compression based on your priority, be it file size or quality.

Privacy Priority

Files are auto-deleted if you choose not to save or sign in.

Exceptional Quality

Maintain crisp text, images, and graphics in your compressed PDFs.

User-Friendly Interface

Access on popular browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

How To Compress PDF on Mobile without Using Quality?

The KlearStack PDF compressor prioritizes an optimal file size while preserving the expected quality of images, fonts, and other content. Simply drag and drop your PDF into the compression tool, and let KlearStack reduce the file size without compromising quality. It’s a seamless way to achieve compression without sacrificing document integrity.

How Big of a File Can You Take?

Our online PDF compressor can tackle files up to a whopping 5 GB, making it a versatile tool for nearly all PDFs. Check the result page for your final file size and achieved compression rate – all presented with no cost. No watermarks added, ensuring your file maintains its original appearance.

How to Compress Files Other than PDF?

Feel the flexibility with our PDF compressor— it’s not just for PDFs! Drop in JPGs, PPTs, or Word docs, and we’ll convert and compress them hassle-free. No need for software, apps, or emails. After compression, share, email, or export your file to Google Drive or Dropbox.

More features are in the works, and we’re open to your suggestions—reach out through our support page!

Compress PDFs in a Snap: Try KlearStack Today!

KlearStack AI is your user-friendly solution to compress PDFs within a matter of seconds.

  • Achieve 99% accuracy, save up to 70% in costs.
  • Boost productivity by 200%.
  • No templates, no rules – easy, customizable setup.

FAQs on How to Compress PDF in Mobile

How do I compress a PDF file on my phone?

Utilize online tools such as KlearStack. Upload your PDF, select desired compression levels, and save the compressed file directly on your phone for efficient document handling on the go.

How do I reduce the MB size of a PDF?

Easily reduce PDF size by using online tools like KlearStack. Upload your file, choose your preferred compression level, and save the optimized PDF with a smaller file size, enhancing file accessibility and sharing.

How do I compress a PDF by 90%?

Achieve 90% compression KlearStack’s free PDF compression tool. Upload your PDF document, select the “High” compression option, and let the tool work its magic. Upon completion, you can download the significantly reduced file size.

How do I resize a PDF to 20KB?

To resize a PDF to 20KB, employ KlearStack’s compression tool. Upload your PDF, select the “Low” or “Medium” compression option to balance size and quality, and download the resized document with an optimized 20KB size for efficient storage and sharing.

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