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How To Clear A Pending Payment On Cash App

Making mistakes while performing transactions on Cash App may not be evitable at times, you may mistakenly send money to the wrong person or perherps send more than the required amount. If any of these Happens, it’s either you ask the receiver to refund you or clear the transactions yourself. If you are here, I guess you don’t know how to clear a pending payment on Cash App, don’t worry we will teach you how to do that.

Cash app is popular in the United States as a peer to peer payment platform used to send and receive funds, this app is widely used when it comes to funds transactions. Now the question is how can you clear a pending payment on Cash app, but firstly is it possible to cancel a pending payment on Cash app? Check the next section for an answer.

Is It Possible To Clear A Pending Payment On Cash App? 

Yes you can clear a pending payment on Cash app, However you should know that you can’t cancel certain payments. Some payments may pend due to bad banking service, this implies that the funds are stuck. If you are in this type of situation, Cash app won’t show you the option to cancel the payment. It’s either they complete your transaction or refund you. But in case you are not refunded, you can simply lodge a complaint to cash app. 

If you send money and the receiver does not accept it within the next 14 days, the transaction will be canceled and you will be refunded. You can cancel a transaction before the receiver accepts it. If someone just sent money to you and you want to learn how to accept pending payments on Cash App, keep reading as you are not far from your answer. 

How To Clear A Pending Payment On Cash App

The Steps to clear a pending payment on cash app is quite easy and straightforward. But before we proceed, pls be aware that this step doesn’t work for all cash app transactions, and if the transaction shows successful on your activity tab, then you should know it’s too late to cancel. Below are the steps 

  • Launch Cash App on your device
  • Tap on the “Activity Tab”  (you can find it at the bottom right corner of your screen)
  • Choose the payment you are willing to cancel and tap on it 
  • Tap on “… ” option available at the top right corner of your screen
  • Tap on “Cancel payment” to clear your transaction 

If you can’t find the ” Cancel Payment Option “, then you should know that you can’t cancel that particular transaction. It’s either the transaction is pending due bad service or the receiver has clicked accept but it’s not reflecting on your account. Since we have promised to include how to accept pending Cash App payments in this content, let’s dive straight into it.

How To Accept Pending Payments On Cash App

If someone sent you money on Cash App and you did not accept it, the transaction will automatically cancel in the next 14 days and the sender will be credited. That’s why it’s advisable to know how to accept any payments made to you. Below is a well structured steps that will serve as a guidelines to you if you want to accept a Cash App payment 

  • Open Cash app on your phone
  • Tap on the “clock” that represents the Activity log (you can find it at the bottom right corner of your screen)
  • If you have any pending transactions, you will see it in the activity tab.
  • Select the “Accept ” option adjacent to the pending transaction
  • Click on confirm 

If you don’t accept any transfer made to you within 14 days, it will be too late to click accept so it’s advisable to check the activity tab regularly. 


It’s not impossible to clear transactions on Cash App, some transactions can be canceled while some can’t be. If your transaction can be canceled, it will reflect and if it can’t, it won’t. But all transactions that have not been accepted by the receiver will automatically cancel in the next 14 days. 

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