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How to Clean Carpet at Home

Carpets can make a house look plush, cozy, and stylish. They also provide warmth and sound insulation and could be customized to serve as house decor. However, they are absorbent and likely to pick up pet smells, smoke, hair, dander, and dust. That is why people should make it a habit to clean their mats regularly. Otherwise, the flooring will become a breeding ground for dirt and unpleasant smells. The article will discuss how to clean carpets at home for outstanding results.

Hire Professionals

Although vacuuming, scrubbing, and spot-cleaning are essential, it is important to consider working with professional carpet cleaners. Generally, homeowners need to book an appointment with competent carpet cleaners at least twice a year, depending on the traffic in their homes and the required level of cleanliness. Professionals use specialized tools to reach deep into the carpet and remove any embedded dirt, dust, allergens, or mold. They can also eliminate any stubborn stains that vacuums cannot clean.

A professional team will likely improve the overall appearance of the rug, improve the home’s hygiene, and give warrants for their services. Homeowners looking for a reliable cleaning company should hire reputable companies such as Lexington Carpet Cleaners, which is dedicated to offering quality services that guarantee satisfaction. Homeowners can contact their Lexington team for a free estimate and quality carpet cleaning services. These professionals work around the client’s schedule to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied.

Vacuum the Dirt

Some homeowners underestimate the benefits of vacuuming regularly. Yet, using a quality vacuum cleaner will slurp the little particles that might be hiding and prevent them from wearing away the carpet fibers. It will also remove allergens and dust and deter them from embedding deep into the rug. Regular vacuuming keeps the house fresh and vibrant and improves indoor air quality. 

Homeowners should spend a few minutes daily doing this simple maintenance task. When vacuuming the rugs, ensure no large furniture or clutter is on the floor, affecting the efficiency of the vacuuming process. It is also prudent to vacuum in all directions and cover the entire floor to remove all the dirt and dust. A vacuum with a rotating bristle is more effective than a regular vacuum. Therefore, it can help keep the carpet clean and create a healthier environment.

Scrub the Smell

People living with children or pets or in regions of high humidity, moisture, and poor ventilation will likely notice foul smells from their rugs. Children and pets tend to increase spills and accidents that accumulate dirt on the carpet. Note that these substances will penetrate deep into the fibers, making it difficult to eradicate the odor. Similarly, regions with high humidity or poor ventilation could get moisture trapped in the rug, providing a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that will emit foul smells.

Homeowners can eliminate the foul smells from their rugs by scrubbing the affected parts of the carpet with a disinfectant. A homemade solution of vinegar and water usually removes the odor. Combine a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water and scrub it on the mat. Then, blot the solution away using dry towels. When scrubbing, use soft bristles to avoid damaging the rag.

Spot-clean the Stains

Some homeowners panic when they see a stain on their rug since nobody wants stained flooring. However, the mistake they make is to rush in and try to scrub it out, which, in most cases, only worsens the situation. The best way to deal with stains is by spot-cleaning: damping the stained area and blotting it. If water does not remove the stains, use dishwasher soap, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.

Before spot cleaning with DIY products, homeowners should test them with a small carpet surface. The testing will help ensure the products do not cause any damage to the mat before the actual cleaning. Only after the test is successful should homeowners use the products to clean the stains. Once done, they should wash the area with water and blot-dry it.

While regular carpet cleaning is essential, homeowners must understand that they must work with professionals to keep allergens, microbes, and stains at bay. The benefits of working with experts outweigh the service costs and inconveniences. However, homeowners should hire reputable cleaning companies offering reliable services.

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