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How to Choose Your Perfect Speechwriter

Making a great speech is both an art and a science. Whether you’re speaking at a business meeting, a wedding, or a public event, having the right speechwriter can make all the difference. This guide will help you choose the perfect speech writer for your needs, including considering the option of using an AI speech writer.

Understanding Your Needs

Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for a speechwriter, think about what you want to achieve with your speech. Are you trying to inspire, inform, persuade, or entertain? Knowing your goal will help you find a speechwriter who specializes in that type of speech. For example, a speech for a business meeting will be different from a wedding toast.

Know Your Audience

Who will be listening to your speech? Think about their age, interests, and what they expect from your speech. A speechwriter who can connect with your audience will make your speech more effective. For instance, writing for a group of students is different from writing for a group of business executives.

Checking Qualifications

Experience and Skills

Experience matters when choosing a speechwriter. Look at their past work to see if they have written speeches similar to what you need. A writer with experience in your field or event type will be better suited to meet your needs.

Writing Style

Every speechwriter has a unique way of writing. Some might be great at making funny speeches, while others might excel at serious and formal ones. Ask for samples of their work to see if their style matches what you are looking for.

Considering Credentials


A speechwriter’s professional background can give you an idea of their skills. Writers with experience in journalism, public relations, or communications often have valuable skills. Also, those who have worked with high-profile clients or big events usually have a proven track record.

References and Reviews

Ask for references or look for reviews from previous clients. Positive feedback can tell you a lot about the writer’s reliability and quality of work. Don’t be afraid to contact previous clients to ask about their experience with the writer.

Making Your Decision

Human vs. AI Speech Writers

Deciding between a human and an AI speech writer depends on your needs. If you need a highly personalized and emotional speech, a human writer is likely better. However, if you need something quickly or are on a tight budget, an AI speech writer might be a good option.

Communication and Collaboration

Good communication is key when working with a speechwriter. Make sure they are open to your ideas and feedback. A good speechwriter will work closely with you to ensure the speech meets your expectations.

Tips for Working with a Speechwriter

Set Clear Expectations

From the start, be clear about what you expect. Discuss deadlines, the scope of the work, and how much collaboration you want. Setting clear expectations helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures a smooth working relationship.

Provide Detailed Information

The more information you give your speechwriter, the better they can tailor the speech to your needs. Share background details, key messages, and any specific stories or examples you want included. This helps create a well-rounded and effective speech.

Regular Feedback

Stay in touch with your speechwriter and provide feedback regularly. This ongoing communication helps make sure the speech develops in the right direction. Timely feedback is especially important when working with an AI speech writer, as it helps improve the content they generate.


Choosing the perfect speechwriter involves understanding your needs, evaluating candidates, and considering the benefits and limitations of AI speech writers. By setting clear goals, assessing qualifications, and maintaining good communication, you can find the right speechwriter to help you deliver a memorable and impactful speech. Whether you choose a human writer or an AI tool, the right choice will help you connect with your audience and achieve your goals.

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