Buying advice for PC gaming accessories Morocco

You should pay particular attention to the périphériques PC you attach to your PC Gamer, whether you spent hours developing the ideal PC portable gamer or computer or just selected one of our expertly made gaming computers.


The correct clavier gamer,souris gamer, tapis de souris , and headset are all crucial for long-term comfort, durability, and overall performance, even if you may not have given them much attention.


Despite the Playstation PS5 and Xbox’s recent dominance, PC GAMER revival has brought attention back to the conventional clavier gamer and mouse gaming. In fact, if you’re a novice player, you already know that the keyboard and souris gamer combo is unbeatable in the majority of games.


La souris gamer offers unmatched accuracy for first-person shooters, and most mice have extra buttons that may be set up to perform quick in-game actions.


You may certainly survive on cheap motorcycles, but it would be like purchasing a Ferrari and using cheap tyres you’ll simply run out of money and ruin the enjoyment! To ensure that you get the most out of your incredible PC GAMER MAROC, take the time to properly choose your surround.


Clavier Gamer

Clavier gamer is something you use every time you use your pc gamer, even if you haven’t given it much consideration, so it makes sense to acquire a decent one.


The entry-level keyboard will be relatively cheap, but it won’t be sturdy enough to endure the abuse a souris gamer would give their first gaming device. It will also be lightweight. Additionally, they probably use rubber housings under the keys, which result in a sluggish, unresponsive key response. Regardless of whether you’re typing or sharding, it’s not particularly enjoyable to manage and slows you down.


A mechanical keyboard will be the ideal solution. To detect key pushes, they feature real switches beneath the keys. Thankfully, mechanical keyboards were used to create pcs, but they lost popularity when membrane-type keyboards became more affordable to produce.


To produce key pressure using mechanical keys, less actuation force is needed, which makes typing simpler and more enjoyable. Additionally, they are loud, but this has its benefits, since the loudness gives you an excellent aural reaction to your efforts.


X Cherry Keys

The Cherry MX switches used in mechanical keyboards come in five different color-coded categories, each with unique properties and a distinct feel.


Unique key caps

Many people choose mechanical keyboards because the keys can be taken out and replaced with conventional keyboards, which come in a variety of designs, from skulls to Darth Vader, to suit your taste. On frequently used keys, such the WASD keys used in first-person shooters, some people will play alternative keys (FPS). This improves grip, lowering the possibility of finger slipping under difficult situations.


These are some of the features that set pricey keyboards apart from their more affordable counterparts.


A macro key

On the top or sides, they often include special keys that may be used as “macro keys”programmed to activate many keys with a single push. This is especially helpful in games like mmos where you have to do a series of chores rapidly.


Most gaming keyboards also offer dedicated media buttons, allowing you to adjust the level and playing in your preferred music app. Additionally, some gaming keyboards come with built-in USB ports, which make it simple to attach accessories like a mouse or headphones.


RGB backlit leds

The majority of gaming keyboards will also include LED backlighting. Some let you choose a different colour or even designate distinct hues for certain keyboard regions. It may serve as a visual guide for many activities and looks nice at night! When you’re not playing, the keyboard may be programmed to produce blast animations that make it seem like a disco. You may obtain pre-made profiles for this from the internet.


Souris gamer

The ideal gaming mouse will provide you an advantage in games, much as a gaming keyboard. A decent mouse, though, may make your computer simpler and more pleasant to use, even if you merely use it to surf the internet and edit office documents.


A gaming mouse should, above all, look the part, complementing the design of your system, GAMING MONITOR, and keyboard with a straightforward appearance and extras like LED lighting.


The gaming mouse will also have better ergonomics, and many of them will be designed with users’ right or left hands in mind to provide them the close control they need. Some gaming mouse additionally have extra buttons that are designed to fit comfortably in your thumb. In a shooter, it might be helpful to bring your preferred weapon to carry this swiftly.


In an MMO or MOBA, programmable macro keys let you brilliantly prepare intricate spells. Additionally, Excel macros may be used to speed up repetitive processes.


You have two choices when it comes to sensor technology: optical or laser. Both use optical technology and a CMOS sensor to take thousands of photos of the ground per second in order to record movement. Laser mice, on the other hand, employ infrared laser diodes, while optical mice use LED lights to illuminate the surface. The ability of laser mice to track in open spaces is another benefit. Although both are excellent for gaming, laser mice are more dependable at handling high resolution, as shown by the DPI figures.


Carte graphique prix maroc

The advantages of a graphics card are not limited to greatly increasing the performance of a PC. Carte graphique needs to be an upgrade over the performance of the PC and should provide a lot of performance boom.


A custom image can greatly improve the performance of a PC gamer. The Carte graphique can also strengthen the computer’s information and agents to make the video play at a higher quality and also free up memory.


Almost all PCs have a card, which can be assembled in the motherboard or preinstalled, but it is recommended and possible to install a new card. Graphics Cards are not all for gaming as they are also used for a number of different purposes. Other uses include using them for high-end graphics softwares, applications and also used in science laboratories.

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