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How to choose the right reclining sofa


No one would accept that the process of selecting a good reclining sofa is a complicated one. Even though it is not very hard, you should not choose any reclining sofa that comes your way first and pay for it. Start by reading the basics of choosing the best reclining sofa – one that matches your needs. If you have already purchased something that you did not like, do not panic, this guide will help you choose the right one next time. Click here to check the 10 best leather reclining sofa.

The things to consider when choosing a reclining sofa:

1) Size 

The physical space available in your home will dictate the size of the reclining sofa you will buy. Also, you have to ensure that the reclining sofa you intend to buy will fit you perfectly. In other words, the sofa should fit your body shape for comfort reasons.

2) Comfort factors 

When buying a reclining sofa, you should never compromise on the used material, including leather, wood, metal and fabric. The used material will affect your comfort when sitting on the sofa. Some brands like Sitbest and Ekornes assure proper fit but ensure that the structure of the reclining sofa you intend to buy is supported by high-quality upholstery. Such a reclining sofa will allow your body to relax and offer great comfort and complete support. 

3) The frame and  structure 

Repair experts will tell you that the non-moving parts of your reclining sofa will get damaged easily and they are likely to break faster than the moving parts. Check the construction details of the reclining sofa you intend to buy before paying for it to be sure that it features a strong frame. If you are purchasing it from an online store, ask for the videos and photos and ensure that the manufacturer does not use unsteady screws, plastic fasteners or low-quality wood. A furniture piece made of such items will last for a few days. The gimmicky descriptions should never fool you.

4) Style preferences 

Buy a reclining sofa that will match your home décor. The market offers hundreds of designs and styles but not all will complete your interior décor. Check many photos before you buy any furniture piece to know what you need. 

5) The must-have features 

Reclining sofas come with many features. Before you even head to a store or start searching for a reclining sofa online, prepare a list of the features that you will want to have. That features will include specific reclining positions, additional comfort features, articulating headrest, dual support option, sleep function, reclining position and the choice for upholstery. After creating a list of must-have features, start searching for a reclining sofa that offers them. 

6) Opening features  

Most reclining sofas in the market today are easy to operate but checking out how the one you intend to buy operates is always a good idea. Delicate parts and complex processes will add to the stylish design but the might make the sofa hard to operate. For ease of use and total comfort, select a reclining sofa that is easy to operate.


When buying a reclining sofa, remember the above factors. But due to the wide variety available in the market, you will always get what you need. We hope that these tips will be helpful. 

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