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How To Choose The Right Dust Control Products For Your Needs 

How To Choose The Right Dust Control Products For Your Needs 

Every dust control solution scenario is different. It is vital to understand the amount of dust you generate and the processes you undertake that generate the dust. Knowing the details surrounding your operational procedures is key to making the right purchase decisions. So, you know you need dust protection, but the big question is how do you choose the right dust barrier for your needs? 

Key Factors To Consider 


ZipWall is an excellent dust screening solution because it is available in a variety of heights, which means whatever type of ceiling you are dealing with, there is a product flexible enough to solve your problem. With dust screens in 10, 12, and 20 feet, you can extend your dust screen solution to the perfect height for any building. These solutions are easy to adjust and you can secure them simply when you find the right ceiling height. 


There are different weights of sheeting and they have different uses. So, if you need to protect furniture and fittings from dust, light sheeting is the perfect solution. If you are working at short heights, medium sheeting is an ideal option to create a temporary dust barrier. 

At the other end of the scale, heavy sheeting is what you need when you carry out more demanding jobs. If there is heavy traffic or you are working with high ceilings, then heavy sheeting is ideal. There is also reinforced sheeting, which is the most durable option and it can stand up to even the most demanding environment. It provides additional security as well if you do not want any eyes to see what is going on in your job site. It is an efficient visual barrier for a variety of projects, including airports and hospitals. 

Ease of Use 

A dust barrier kit is an excellent option if you are looking for ease of use. A kit includes all of the equipment you need to erect an efficient dust barrier. The ZipWall Dust Barrier kit can be erected in minutes and seals on four sides. dust control specialists stock a wide range of dust control kits, as well as products like dust control mats and dusty doors. 

The Right Choice 

To determine which product is right, there are certain variables to consider. The first is dust properties, the density and characteristics of your dust will have a say in which dust control solution is more appropriate. If it is combustible or hazardous, then your needs will be different. 

You can also use the point of dust generation as a key factor in determining how to apply a dust control solution. If there is a large-scale dust issue, your needs will be different than if you are working in a smaller space. In some cases, nothing less than floor-to-ceiling hoarding walls will do, and in other cases, a ZipWall is the right solution. The volume of dust material your project will generate should also be a factor in your dust control solution. Additionally, you will need a stricter dust control solution for internal projects. 

Dust Control Products 

Construction industry professionals trust dust control specialists to deliver, whatever dust control solution they prefer. They can help you save money, and time, and improve the efficiency of your job sites. With the right dust control solution, you save time because there is less clean-up and the risks are reduced. The right dust control solution will save you money, with less waste and a more efficient operation. Finally, dust control solutions ensure your job site is clean, smart, and looks sharp to make a positive impact on your clients and visitors to the job site.  

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