How to choose the ideal audiovisual partner in five easy stages

Audiovisual Partner

It can be difficult, unpleasant, and risky to plan an event. For many people, AV is a minefield of technical language and phrases that the difficulty, stressful, and risky. For this reason, many businesses collaborate with an audio-visual equipment supplier and events specialist.

But how can you tell which companion is reliable? After all, you’re putting a lot of trust in their abilities, and failure would be costly. Because of this, you must be completely aware of what to search for. When you use our checklist of requirements for your new AV Partner, you can enter your next event with total confidence.

1. Comprehensive services

One of the most crucial qualities to look for in an AV and event partner is the ability to put together the ideal crew for your particular needs.

Finding an AV partner that provides a comprehensive range of services is important because many production companies have core skills in which they excel. If your sound business is unable to handle your lighting and projection requirements, offer design or recording services, and support your event’s overall technical direction, it will be a hassle.

A single organization handling everything can simplify the procedure and reduce the chance of misunderstandings.

Find a business that can provide full event management services if you want to take it a step further and guarantee that your event planning and production go off without a hitch. All of the crucial components of your event will be managed by a single partner thanks to that added degree of service.

2. Earliest cooperation

The greatest method to guarantee you achieve your desired objectives without any difficulties or last-minute misses is to collaborate early in the planning process.

Try to learn how involved a new AV partner will be in your event when you initially start talking to them. Consider it a positive indicator if they are eager to participate in the project’s early stages. They can assist make your event as great as possible by spotting issues earlier and resolving them.

But if they only perceive their position as supplying the appropriate tools for your event, they probably aren’t the kind of collaborative partner you’re looking for.

3. Let them come up with the answer.

You should anticipate that your AV partner will be able to create custom solutions for your event as they are experts in their sector.

Of course, you’ll want to contribute to the development of your vision, messaging, and goals, but in the end, they should take the lead with expert advice to have the largest impact.

Red flags should be raised if they ask you what tools or solutions you’d want to use. A great AV partner will contribute their ideas to your vision and assist you to choose the path that will lead to success.

However, you also don’t want someone who will take over and disregard your wishes. Balance is the key. You want a partner who will consider your requests while taking the initiative to recommend the best strategies for realizing your objectives.

 Even though it’s your event, it’s vital to keep in mind that they are the experts in their field, and following their advice will usually result in greater results.

4. The best equipment for the job

Beware of businesses who try to cram your event with extraneous aspects because the newest solutions won’t necessarily be the best solutions.

There are more eye-catching things you can do with sound, lighting, and multimedia as AV technology develops, but they must be considerate of the tone and purpose of your event. An intrusive light show or loud bass, for instance, might not be the best choice for a more traditional corporate event.

Sometimes, less really is more, and the appropriate AV partner will understand this.

5. Edify a connection

Strong events and AV partners will also be able to relate to the objectives and priorities of each customer. Customer service plays a significant role in this; a business that will go above and beyond to meet your needs is probably one you should work with.

If you encounter a problem on the road and their demeanor is unhelpful, turn around and go the other way. Productions that use audio and video can provide unforeseen difficulties and surprises. The manner they are handled is what distinguishes a truly excellent partner for your events.

Thus, when you discover a business that is prepared to go above and beyond for the benefit of your production, remain with them!

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