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How to choose the best painting company: A guide

As a homeowner, finding the perfect painting company for your home can be a challenge. You don’t want to just hire the first one you come across, because it’s important that you make sure they have the experience and expertise to do a good job. After all, painting is an investment and you want to get it right the first time!

How to choose the best painting company?

So how do you choose the best painting company like encore painting? Well, I’m here to help with my top three tips:

  • Research their reputation –

The first thing I would suggest doing when looking for a painting company is researching their reputation online. Look at customer reviews on social media or forums like Yelp or Angie’s List. This will give you an unbiased look at how other customers felt about their experience with the company and if they had any negative experiences. It’s also important to make sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured so that in case anything happens during the job, there is protection for both parties involved.

  • Get multiple estimates –

Once you have done some research into potential companies it’s always best practice to get multiple estimates from different ones so that you can compare prices and services offered by each one. Don’t forget to ask questions about materials used as well as details of their process so that everything is clear before signing off on any contract or agreement with them.

  • Ask around –

Word of mouth still goes a long way when it comes to choosing services like this! If your friends or family members have recently had work done in their homes then ask them who they used and what kind of results they got from working with them – this could save you hours of trying to find someone yourself! Plus it’s always nice being able to put a face (and name!) behind any service provider which might even increase your level of comfort with hiring them over someone else whom you may not know much about yet.

What are the best types of paint? Which one is best for a new house?

As a freshly minted homeowner, you’re probably eager to start transforming your new space into a home. One of the biggest projects on that list? Painting! Now, if you’re like me, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices out there when it comes to painting. What are all these different types and which one is best for my new house?

Well, fear not! Today I’m here to break down the different types of paint and explain which one might be best for your new home. So let’s get started…

  1. Latex or water-based paint

The most common type of paint is latex or water-based paint. This type of paint has been around since the 1950s and is known for its quick drying times and durability. It also tends to have very little odor compared to other paints so it’s great for indoor use in living spaces without overwhelming fumes from painting. Latex paints come in both flat (no shine) and glossy (high shine). The flat finishes are usually used on walls while glossier options are better suited for trim or surfaces that need more cleaning ease such as kitchen cabinets.

  1. Oil-based paints

If you’re looking for something with even more durability then oil-based paints may be the way to go. They provide an extra layer of protection against dirt, grease, scuffing, etc., but they do require longer dry times between coats – sometimes up to 24 hours – so it’s important to plan ahead if you decide this option is right for your project. Oil-based paints also tend to have a strong odor when being applied so make sure you open lots of windows and take frequent breaks before tackling this type of job!

  1. Milk paints

Now if environmental friendliness is a top priority then look no further than milk paints which are made from natural ingredients like milk protein and chalk powder giving them their unique matte finish. Milk paints don’t contain any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) so they won’t release harmful toxins into the air like some other types can do making them much safer for children or pets who may be around during painting sessions. Additionally, milk-painted surfaces tend not to require any kind of sealant after application meaning fewer chemicals are used overall during your project!

  1. Chalk Paint

Lastly, we come to Chalk Paint which is an incredibly popular choice among DIYers due to its simple application process requiring minimal prep work beforehand – just give surface light sanding then jump right into painting! Chalk Paints have excellent coverage making them ideal when covering up old furniture or tired-looking walls; they also come in tons of beautiful colors perfect if you want something eye-catching yet low maintenance at the same time!


Overall each type has its own pros & cons depending on what kind of surface needs painting plus how long-term use will be needed; however, generally speaking, latex & oil-based are better suited for high-traffic areas while chalk & milk paintings perform better indoors where longevity isn’t really necessary – ultimately only YOU know what’s best for YOUR house 😉

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