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How to Choose the Best CCTV Camera for a Factory

CCTV Camera

There are factories all across the world. They create many of the most essential goods we use every day. Here are some ideas on how to choose the best CCTV camera for a factory to secure its safety. MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia offers reliable CCTV Malaysia for businesses. We give you the best rates and service for CCTV security camera installation.

What to Take into Account When Buying a CCTV System for Your Factory?


If there are not many cameras that you need to set up for video surveillance, you can install them yourself. But the situation is different when installing CCTV cameras in a factory. For larger businesses like factories with complicated installations, it needs help from professionals. They will give you a solution that fits your requirements and price range.

Moreover, they will provide support and maintenance for your system after the installation. With their help, you can be sure that your company is always secure and well-protected.


Pricing also depends on how many cameras you need, how big your facility is, and what kind of storage you desire. You might have to pay more, but the performance of an advanced CCTV camera will be greater.


Most installers of CCTV systems offer customization based on your factory’s demands. Whether you need a complex system, or a more advanced one, there is a solution for your needs.

Installation Areas

Where to place your CCTV cameras is also important. Consider a weatherproof exterior camera system, if you wish to watch the back doors. Additionally, some locations could be far away and have poor connectivity. 

Features of CCTV Cameras that are Beneficial for Factory Surveillance

Make sure you choose the appropriate security camera while trying to buy one. They have many advantages. With the help of these cameras, you can keep an eye on and record everything that occurs in your factory. 


CCTV cameras come in a variety of forms. PTZ cameras, which enable remote control of the field of view, are among the most often used types. Dome cameras are on ceilings and bullet cameras are on walls. Think about the camera models that will provide you with the footage you want for your system.

Image Quality

When choosing a camera, this is one of the most important features. You will not be able to see anyone or anything on the camera if your camera’s image quality is poor. One of the highest-quality settings is 1080P HD. This image quality is a standard, thus a wide range of cameras come with it. The best standard will cost more money, but it will also provide you the capacity to see anything.

Frame Rate

Another essential feature of a camera is that the smoother the video is, the greater the frame rate. A motion picture is created by stitching together a number of still photos into a video. The lower the frame rate, the less taken, which results in choppier footage.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras can operate in a variety of lighting and weather situations. You can keep an eye on your property all day and all night. Many burglars will wait until dark outside to break into your factory. But with the use of night vision, they cannot conceal themselves in the dark. It is also equipped with motion sensors that send notifications to your connected gadgets.


The connection methods used by various CCTV security systems vary. Wired security camera systems are the most typical type. Even a cordless connection to the Wi-Fi or Network Video Recording may be available in some systems. Any wired system often has restricted placement options and extends as far as the length of the cord. Though they guarantee ongoing security without power outages, others will be powered by a battery. This feature allows cameras to work wherever within the Wi-Fi range.

Motion Sensors

To measure and identify movement, motion sensors are security devices put in factories. These sensors notify owners of unauthorized movement in restricted areas, especially at night.   Installing motion-activated lighting is an excellent option for deterring trespassers. To receive the notifications, you must install the app on your phone, tablet, or any other devices you use.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing lets you watch the factory from anywhere with an internet connection. Users can view live video from many devices using systems that provide this feature. Some apps can even have a voice assistant, and some even let users operate the cameras from the app.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ)

For factories, there are a lot of workspaces and high ceilings. A PTZ  camera can shift the lens in a variety of directions. It works together with a more extensive security system. They can also track motion-activated activities where a stationary camera takes in-depth pictures. These cameras provide more coverage than standard cameras but cost a lot more.


Systems with built-in audio recordings have a lot of advantages. Compared to devices that record a video, these produce more meaningful evidence.  When a break-in occurs, this can aid law enforcers in identifying and locating potential culprits. Some CCTV cameras incorporate a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication. It enables owners to maintain contact and control over the factory even when they are away.

Storage capacity

The number of sensors in your system will determine how much storage you need. For your CCTV surveillance system, you have three options for storage: NVR, DVR, and hybrid. Analog cameras are used by DVRs, which stand for “digital video recorders.” Network video recorders, or NVRs, are used with IP cameras. You can combine analog and IP cameras using hybrid systems.

There are several systems that have cloud storage, such as IP camera systems. These systems need a separate subscription for complete access to the storage capacity. Before hitting its limit, it keeps videos for a predetermined period of hours or days.

Benefits of Installing CCTV Camera in Factory

Monitoring CCTV cameras can improve your security while also serving other purposes. Here are some benefits of using a CCTV security camera in a factory.

Ensures Worker Safety

Controls must be in place at the factory to guarantee the safety of all employees. The security personnel watch cameras live, allowing them to avoid accidents developing in real-time. Without this precaution, the factory could be vulnerable to accidents and legal action can be taken.

Enhances Productivity and Operations

CCTV surveillance may help guarantee that employees are performing their duties. Employees tend to perform better with their tasks when they know they are being monitored. 

Prevents Crime

Employee stealing in a factory is a serious offence. You can detect employees who are stealing products by using a camera system. Burglars may refrain from entering the property by seeing the security cameras. You can use them to record many different occurrences and give the video to law enforcement. 


Success in business depends greatly on the security of the business premises. Nobody would want to lose their business because of their complacency with safety. And the best way to combat intruders and burglars is with CCTV cameras. MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia guides businesses in installing the best CCTV camera systems in Malaysia. Your security is our top priority. For any inquiries visit us at

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