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How to Choose Reliable HME/DME Solution

How to Choose Reliable HME/DME Solution

With the changing trends in technology and everything becoming digitized, it was only about time healthcare caught up. Latest tech tools are making healthcare available and convenient for both durable medical equipment suppliers and users. These solutions make it possible for businesses to have better productivity and give their users better care.

To improve your user experience in your health practice, you need reliable DME software that optimizes your business operations. Of course, you want the best for you, something economical but one that still supports all your operations. You will have to do some research to find the best software for your business.

Choosing Dependable DME/HME Tools

As DME/HME supplier you want something that suits all your needs. Are you looking for something that can connect all your processes within the same framework? Are you looking to optimize a specific process? Whatever your goal is, you want to ensure it fits your supply chain and makes your business operations better.

Once you determine what you want from a DME solution, you move on to window shopping. This helps you identify possible software providers that meet your requirements. Do not compromise on the qualities you are looking for. There are multiple providers who can meet your needs, don’t settle for less.

Brightree is the biggest and most popular leader in the market. However, it falls on the more expensive side, making it more costly than other brands. You will be paying for the same qualities you can get from other brands. Brightree also adds value to the products, meaning you and your users will need to spend more.

Instead of going for the market leader, you can choose to work with younger but no less qualified brands like Niko Health. You can look for a Brightree alternative that meets all your needs and more. A younger and more technology-focused brand might be just the one for you.

How to Choose the Best Brightree Alternative

There are many things you should look out for when looking for a Brightree alternative. You do not want to pay exorbitant amounts and get subpar services. Below is a list of things you should look out for when shopping for reliable and affordable DME/HME software:


One of the most important things to look out for is the pricing. The brand you choose should have straightforward pricing without any hidden costs. Some brands offer deals that seem too good but start piling on extra costs once you subscribe. You want to avoid this by looking for brands that put their pricing transparent and actually deliver.

You can consult with the software developers to know what exactly they offer and how much it all costs. Look for reviews from other users and ask the developers for their pricing sheet to ensure everything is above board.


Software with a fast-onboarding time saves you a lot of time. It should be customizable to meet the unique needs of your healthcare business. More so, it should be less confusing for users to promote efficiency and ease of use.

The DME/HME tools you choose should have a fast-onboarding time that makes your healthcare operations more efficient. It should help you get the most value from its tools, enabling you to submit complete billing for your medical equipment.


The user interface is what makes it easy for employees with little tech knowledge to code and bill HME equipment. You want a friendly and easy-to-use interface that can be used by anyone in your practice. A user-friendly interface not only reduces the time for billing but also gives you time to serve employees.

There should be as few clicks as possible to capture the patient’s details, order medical equipment, and submit bills to the payer. Most healthcare practices are struggling in DME/HME billing because they rely on paperwork. Some also cannot afford costly tools such as Brightree but can surely rely on young and reliable DME/HME software vendors.


In the healthcare industry, compliance and policy changes occur anytime. You do not want to be left behind when these changes take place. The software you use should have frequent updates that help you stay updated on all DME/HME compliance issues. Some software can take months to accommodate new compliance changes, but others adopt changes as they happen.

On the other hand, some software developers update their software monthly. This keeps you up-to-date and ensures your users are getting the best out of your website. Frequent updates coupled with fast onboarding make the user experience easier, prompting more people to turn to you as their provider.


There should be adequate and friendly helpdesk support. Whenever you have a problem or need customization, you should be able to get help anytime you need it. Not all DME/HME vendors provide free support 24/7. Having an easy-to-access helpdesk support team ensures you don’t get frustrated when looking for help.


When looking for software to help you in DME/HME billing, you want the most reliable you can find. You need something that meets all your needs and improves your revenue cycle management. The software you choose should be affordable without compromising on the key features that help you make DME/HME billing efficient. Use the steps highlighted above to select from the many solutions on the market. Consider their specifics to help you find the best software for your healthcare business.

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