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How to Choose Pendant Lights for the Kitchen Island?

How to Choose Pendant Lights for the Kitchen Island?

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen island a touch of elegance? Choosing the perfect pendant lighting might be more challenging than you might think. You should consider not only the length of your island but also the width when deciding on the appropriate size of the pendant light to hang above it.

The pendant lights will be a focal point; therefore, they should be striking. It’s essential to get the proportions and positioning right. These simple guidelines make searching for the ideal pendant lights less daunting.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island?

Ceiling Height

In addition to ensuring the length and width of your island are met by the pendant lighting you choose, consider your ceiling height. You likely won’t have to worry about this if your home is modern. However, if your home is older with low ceilings, you must be careful, so the pendant you purchase doesn’t dangle too low. You should hang the pendant at 72 inches (from the floor) and 30 inches (above the island).

Measurements of the Kitchen Island

The lighting above your kitchen island should stay within the island’s top.  Because of this, you need to measure the surface area of your island before deciding on the size or number of pendant lights you’ll use.


What is your budget? This will determine the design options you buy. Choosing expensive pendant lights might limit the number of fixtures you can afford. Ensure whatever you choose is within your financial ability. Luckily, most options for kitchen island lighting are cost-effective. There are low-priced alternatives to expensive lighting that are eye-catching. The overall budget will determine how much you pay for one fixture.

Your Kitchen’s Focal Point

If your kitchen is white, use the lights above the island to grab attention and provide some much-needed color and style.  In any room, but especially a kitchen, it’s great to have different types of lights. Even if your kitchen is well-lit, the area directly over the kitchen island needs more brightness.

Pendant lights over the kitchen island are a great way to create excitement if your space has ordinary lighting. Choose lighting for your kitchen island that gives a different vibe from the style of the rest of the room.

Pendant Purpose

Think about how you want the pendant lighting for your island to change your room.   Lighting serves a variety of different functions. Do you prefer to have an accent light over the island or have the island itself serve as the kitchen’s focal point? Using color will make your island stand out. Use eye-catching light fixtures that complement your overall design for a classier finish.

Take Away

If you need help narrowing down your options, we hope these guidelines will be of assistance. They are not a foolproof method of finding the perfect pendant for your kitchen island, but they provide an excellent place to begin your search. All of your lighting requirements for building and remodeling projects can be met by Lassola. Whenever you’re ready to update the look of your kitchen, we’re here to help with our kitchen island lighting needs.

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