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How to Choose FDA-Compliant Food Packaging Boxes

Ordering food online has made it easy to have what you want whenever you want it in the comfort of your home. This has led to the emergence of disposable tableware, which is convenient, disposable, biodegradable or easily recycled, and light in weight. However, substandard tableware can pose a threat to human health. So, the quality of disposable takeaway food containers just can’t be ignored. 

Inferior quality takeaway tableware, including sauce cups, waxed boxes, corrugated food boxes, etc., are harmful to our bodies and can also harm our environment. It is why recycled, and processed degradable tableware is a key step towards environmental protection needs and also ensures safer food habits. 

Disposable tableware is an integral part of food items these days. So, it is impermeable to use good quality disposable food packaging material. There are many suppliers offering hygienic and food-grade materials, like Tingstad in Sweden. It is a company focusing on supplies to all forms of industries and has been serving its clients since 1959. Similarly, Duni Group stands as the leading supplier of ecological and innovative tableware with a range of environmentally friendly products. 

Inferior quality tableware poses a threat to humans

Disposable containers sent to households and restaurants can be dangerous for human health. When choosing disposable tableware, the prime consideration is quality. For instance, when buying a disposable cup, the simplest quality check is the color of the paper.

Manufacturers following malpractice add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent to make the cup look whiter. This fluorescent substance is harmful, and once it enters the human body, it can become a potential carcinogen (substance that can cause cancer). In addition, poor-quality paper cups are usually soft and can deform once water is filled. 

Judging the quality of fast food boxes

There are simple methods that will help you check the quality of disposable tableware on your own. Some of these are:

  1. Judging by the touch: Gently touch the inside of the paper cup with your finger, and rub a bit. If you feel something powdery and the tip of your finger turns white, it is a typical sign of inferior tableware. 

Another water-blocking substance used in these cups is wax. Although it keeps intact at room temperature and can be suitable for cooler drinks, the wax tends to dissolve when the temperature is more than 40 degrees and is also very harmful to the human body. 

  1. Judging by the material: Physically check for impurities in the disposable box. A box can look very thick, with a surface made of food-grade material, while recycled paper is used in the middle. This type of box is likely to cause food poisoning. It is also easy to check opaque packaging boxes. Just note whether the product has impurities. The appearance must be clear and transparent when a packing box is made from qualified food-grade PP material. 
  2. Judging by smell: Some disposable lunch boxes produce a peculiar smell when hot water is poured over them. It is a clear sign that the material used is toxic and harmful. It is recommended to avoid these types of boxes. There are also low-grade lunch boxes available in the markets that are made of harmful substances and are volatile, especially under high-temperature conditions. These often produce a pungent smell. So, choose a disposable takeaway box that is without any smell.

Moreover, Carbonyl compounds are not easy to volatilize at room temperature, but they may get volatile when hot water is poured into them. 

  1. Judging by visual signs: Good quality food packaging material is often marked with the QS logo, instructions for use, use temperature, and other content. Some food-grade items have a symbol indicating that the container is safe to use for food storage. This symbol is mostly in the form of a cup and fork. 

Food-grade packaging is a special type, and only these should be used for storing food. It must also meet a set of standards according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the FDA, and others to ensure that it is a food-grade complaint. 


You can find various suppliers online for your food contact materials (FCMs) indirect purchases. Different countries follow specific compliance requirements for the safe use of FCMs. Ensure the safety and the quality of the disposable packaging tableware first, and then only make your final purchases. 


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