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How to choose Chandelier that complements the Interior

Chandeliers are the instant complement for decorating the foyer, hall or dining area! Nobody would deny the importance of the beautiful chandelier, LED bulbs and the decent overall lighting in the interior. Right fixing of lights brings an impression and exquisite touch to our place. No matter if you are a house owner, office person with professional demands or just looking for a way to renovate the house, if you overlook the choice of lighting it looks clumsy.

However, the ironic part is not many people would consider the right selection of Pendant Lights or other lighting electronics. Certainly that is a major turn off when you are anticipating the just right interior to organize a business meeting, host a party or a family get-together. Now when you have the unlimited gamut to select chandeliers, pendant lights and lamps it’s up to you which selection you prefer and where you want to fix it.

To keep your decoration seamless and worth-seeing, this article would help you on how to select the right chandelier. Below we are discussing what should be the right selection of a chandelier. Let’s shed some light!

What are common types of chandeliers?

The fact is every accommodation and interior place demands a specific type of chandelier.  The size and its proper placement are important, but which design you choose is also a matter to consider.  When it comes to lights and decoration there are endless choices. Some of the common types are:

  •         Crystal Chandeliers
  •         Drum Chandeliers
  •         Mini Chandeliers
  •         Hybrid Chandeliers
  •         Waterfall Chandelier
  •         Modern Chandeliers
  •         Sputnik Chandeliers
  •         Contemporary Chandeliers

What matters in choosing the ideal chandelier?

Chandeliers are awesome. However if you do not pay heed to its size, scale, light direction and the control of its dimming approach, it can be a disaster as well. The direction of light output (glare versus glitter), and control (dimming) is the most highlighted part that you can never take for-granted in a chandelier. So when you are fixing the chandelier at home in the office hall, make sure to choose the most right place, in the first place.

Keep the size measured

Always choose the chandelier according to the area where you want to fix it. Too big or too small lightning decorations obviously look ridiculous and fail to deliver adequate lighting. Thankfully, the modish and contemporary lighting chandelier offers you the freedom to choose from the diverse variety and hence you can get the ideal Chandeliers as per your desire.

Aside from style, the three main factors to selecting a chandelier are: size/scale, direction of light output (glare versus glitter), and control (dimming).

For right chandler choice

The one most common rule for the right chandelier choice is width of room (in feet) + length of room (in feet) = diameter/width of chandelier (in inches) or in other words:

  •         Measure the length and width of the room in feet
  •         Add those two numbers together
  •         The sum of those two numbers should be the diameter of your chandelier in inches

Can you dim the LED chandeliers?

One might question whether the chandelier has modern technology such as LED technology in it or not.  The answer is “certainly yes”. And if you pick the modish and contemporary chandelier from the reliable store, you will definitely have the LED chandelier in variety.

Moreover, you also get the freedom to dim the light of the chandler. Nowadays, there are many electrifiers with dimmable quality provided you have paired with the compatible low voltage dimmer. However, you cannot dim every LED chandelier and for doing so you may have to ask the buyer or check the specifications.




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