How To Choose Best Gaming Laptops in 2022

In order to have a good gaming experience on PC, it is necessary to make a judicious selection between gaming laptops and high-performance models. Shoptime gives you some tips for making the right choice.

Some brands advertise certain models as gaming laptops more for their external look, with colours and LED lighting than for their configuration. You need to be careful. Unlike the computer used for work, even with heavy files, your gaming laptop needs a great processor, considerable RAM and storage, a graphics card and screen with good resolution, and a cooling system.

The main tip for those looking for a powerful device is to observe the serial numbers of each chip. Laptops with ninth, eleventh, or eleventh generation (newer) Intel Core i7 processors are a good choice, as are models with AMD Ryzen chips 7 and 9 from the 4000 and 5000 series. If you’re under budget then the best gaming laptops under 1 lakh can be a good option for you.

CPUs need to have high execution speed and a good amount of cores for games to run smoothly. Processor generation and speed are important. Newer models are able to play more current games with less effort and a good frame rate.

In addition to the cooling system for the chip, many gaming laptops have extra features to avoid overheating the machine as a whole. Check the specifications and give preference to models with more functions of this type.

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RAM memory and storage

The more memory in the configuration, the less chance of crashes while running games. Most current games recommend that the device have 16 GB of RAM, however, there are few models that come with it from the factory. The solution is to choose an 8GB model, coupled with other powerful laptops configurations.

It is also important to confirm the possibility of an easy upgrade, to increase the memory to 16 GB.

The option for laptops that have an SSD drive installed is the most interesting, due to the higher data recording and reading rates compared to traditional HDDs.

Video card

Having a dedicated graphics card on a laptop makes all the difference when running any game. In the case of a gaming laptop, it is possible that the model already comes equipped with some version, NVidia or Radeon, AMD. In the case of GeForce graphics cards, it is recommended that laptops have at least a GTX 1060 so that recent games run naturally and without crashes.


It’s no use having a device with the best specifications if the screen is not capable of displaying quality images. There are Full HD displays that are enough, even for those who want to venture into recent games, due to the screen size. If you choose a 4K display, remember that resolution will be more hardware demanding.

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The refresh rate is very important for games. Having a screen with higher frequencies means seeing images with more fluidity, essential for competitive games, but which also add a lot to the experience and immersion in solo adventures. 120 Hz screens display up to 120 frames per second, much more fluid motion than 60 Hz displays.

When researching gaming laptop models, pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer, in the store or on the brand’s website. Often, a performance estimate is given, showing the quality with which some games will run on that machine. This can be a very useful comparison.

Finally, remember that, for having a different purpose, gaming laptops can have a more robust structure, which makes transport and mobility difficult. Please check dimensions before purchase.

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