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How to Choose a Bathroom Sink?

There are so many options for bathroom sinks on the market that it’s easy to get lost in the variety. Although a decorative bathroom sink can significantly spruce up the bathroom, it is not enough to rely only on appearance to make the right choice. It is important to pick the right size, design, and material from which it is made. Our guide will help you to choose the right bathroom sink for you.

From What to Start?

Before choosing a sink, you need to understand how it will fit into the bathroom. Decide where it will be located and how much free space you have to install it. Think about how the sink will fit in with other bathroom or outdoor-shower items, a large selection of which you can find in the Aquatica catalog After this, you can proceed to the choice of model:

  1. The built-in sink attaches to the bottom of the countertop and creates a seamless, clean look, but it cannot be installed on a laminate or chipboard since splashes and spilled liquid often remain on the countertop.
  2. The pedestal sink gives the bathroom a classic look and hides plumbing but has a limited surface area and no storage space.
  3. The wall-mounted sink visually adds space to the bathroom, so it is used to create minimalist designs.
  4. The vessel sink looks very impressive and can hold a lot of water, but careful planning of the height of the rack and the height of the cabinet underneath is required.
  5. The vanity sink is installed on a cabinet of the appropriate size and combines the properties of a sink and countertop.

What Else to Pay Attention to?

After that, move on to the material of your future shell. Porcelain is the most common option. Built-in sinks can be made of polymeric materials, which can be easily molded into any shape. A sink made of glass, stone, and metal will look unusual, but it will be significantly more expensive. Talk it out with yourself or another adult and ask questions to help think it all through. Look at the style of your home, not just the entire bathroom: is it modern or conventional? What look do you want to achieve? Will the sink be in the primary bathroom or the main bathroom? Who will use it: guests, children, or the owners in the home? The answers to these questions can help lead you down the path toward the right bathroom sink. A remodeled bathroom can either enhance the style of your home or be a unique, eclectic space unlike any other in your house. This smallest room in the house can express your style or blend with the architectural elements and vintage of the house.Your budget will narrow your choices, but it’s a good idea to have your preferred style in thought, as well.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in bathroom design, try to step away from the traditional white sink by adding colors. A colored sink can become a bright accent to the interior and give it liveliness and dynamics.

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