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How to Check your Walmart Points?

Wondering about checking your Walmart Points but have no idea how and where you can check your Walmart Points? Then, we have got you covered. This article is your one-stop destination for all your questions about Walmart attendance records, clock-in methods, points, policy, and criteria.

Walmart never sleeps! It operates in 24 countries with a workforce of nearly 2.3 million associates across all Walmart stores. It is not hidden that to manage and track its employee performance Walmart has adopted an efficient system infamously known as the Walmart Attendance Point System. The Attendance policy at Walmart provides points to all its employees for missed shifts, unreported leaves, lateness, etc.

Whether you are a newbie or the oldest employee at Walmart, losing track of your points on WalmartOne can cost you a big blow at your workplace. Without future ado, let’s discover how you can check your points on WalmartOne.

How To Check Your Points On WalmartOne?

The burning question ‘How to check your points on WalmarkOne’ can be answered by following a handful of steps with care.

  • To check how many Walmart absence points you have, you have to first log into your WalmartOne Employee Account.
  • Once you are in your profile, select the GTA
  • This will show you your total Walmart absence and your corresponding score.

Note: To log into your WalmartOne profile you have to set up the Walmart 2 step verification.

As easy as pie! Follow these three steps, and you will have your 6-month point balance at your fingertips. If you cannot access The WalmartOne portal, the other way to view your Walmart points without any hassle is to dial (800-492-5678) and inquire about your attendance score or the Walmart Point Report.

Is there more I can do than check my points on WalmartOne?

Indeed! To safeguard your job at Walmart, you must understand the core Walmart Points System, the exceptions, how you can prevent being penalized for unreported absences, etc. So read ahead to be Walmart Ready.

What Is The Walmart Points System?

Walmart Points System was brought into action under Walmart Attendance Policy, wherein the performance of every employee is tracked based on their attendance record. In simpler words, the Attendance point system keeps track of employee absences, half-shifts, and how late they arrive at the Walmart stores. With each unreported absence, your Walmart Account will be marked with a point, and as the total points reach 5 points, a disciplinary penalty will be put into action.

A Walmart associate or employee can get 5-9 points, but if the Walmart absence point score goes beyond the allowed bar, the person shall be terminated. There is a bright side to the Walmart Attendance System: the rewards. All the employees with perfect Attendance Walmart points get a bonus.

How Are Attendance Points Calculated?

Walmart uses the online WalmartOne GTA time clock that tracks the beginning and end of every shift for each employee. The system of time clock monitors tardiness, unreported absences, and missing shifts and tally them with the respective point system. Follow this link ( to check the WalmartOne GTA portal.

The Attendance system at WalmartOne runs on the following points:

  • +0.5 points for leaving shift early
  • +0.5 points for being late (5 minutes-2 hours)
  • +1 point for half shift
  • +2 points for unreported absence

If within 6 months an employee has accumulated 5 points, a termination letter will await them. The points will expire within 6 months, and the system will track your Walmart absence, lateness, and half-shifts all over again.

How Do I Report an Absence?

In 6 months, you are allowed to have 9 absences, which you have to report duly. If you fail to do so, you get 2 points. To say an unreported leave can cost you your job is no joke at Walmart. Follow these steps to ensure you duly report your absences:

Wasn’t it swift! Note that the Walmart absence caused by the following reasons does not affect your score, but advisable to report them :

  • Bereavement
  • Pregnancy
  • FMLA leave
  • Medical accommodation

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How to clock in at WalmaerOne?

Once you start working as a Walmart employee, you are required to clock in through WalmartOne. This is important as it tracks your performance on lateness, late shifts, and incomplete shifts for any reason. You can clock in at Walmart either with your Walmart badge or with an app. To clock in at Walmart, follow these steps:

  • When you reach the Walmart store, head towards the Electronic Time Clock and simply swipe your Walmart employee badge on it.
  • Select the ‘Clock-in’ option.

If you have lost your badge, you can use an app to clock in at Walmart so you do not spoil your attendance report. All you need to do is:

  • Download the Me@Walmart app on your phone.
  • Sign in to your WalmartOne profile
  • Select the clock-in option.

The same portal allows you to clock out and break for lunch. Be aware to timely clock out of Walmart to avoid any confusion in your work timing. Walmart has provided this document ( for GTA Time clock assistance.

Note: The link is only for Walmart Employee assistance purposes.

How Many Points Will Get Me Fired?

Those Walmart employees that have worked for 6 months or more can have 5 attendance points. Those with less than 6 months of employment at Walmart can have a max of 4 attendance points before they are terminated.

Note that unexpected absences, including (Bereavement, Pregnancy, FMLA leave, and Medical accommodation) are not tracked as an absence. Hence you can take up to 9 days off in every six months.

Does Walmart Reward Good Attendance Score?

Walmart’s Attendance Policy is not just about absence penalties that keep employees at Walmart stores from procrastinating. It has provisions of bonus rewards for those who keep a perfect Attendance record as work motivation. The bonus can go as high as 25%!


How do you know if you have points at Walmart?

To know if you have any Walmart absence points sign in to your Associate account at WalmartOne. Look for ‘My Time,’ and you will have all the required information about your Walmart Points.

How to check Walmart points at home?

The ‘My Time’ webpage can be accessed from home to check how many Walmart Points you have. Follow this link (

How do attendance points work at Walmart?

Walmart follows the following structure for Walmart Point System to function properly:

  • A perfect attendance record at WalmartOne will be rewarded with a 25% bonus.
  • With a Point score of 2 points, you will get your full bonus.
  • A point score from 2.5 to 3.5 means you get only half bonus.
  • Point 4 shall terminate your bonus
  • Point 4 in less than 6 months will get you terminated from your Walmart job.


You can log in to your WlmartOne Employee to check your Attendance Points at WalmartOne. Since these points last for 6 months, make sure you request a 6-month attendance report. With this, not only can you check your performance and overall WalmartOne Time clock score, but you can make sure your Walmart absence points remain low with proper clocking in and out.

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