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How To Check Walmart Point System

There is only one thing that needs to be said about Wal-Mart and that is they are the world’s largest retail employer. They may be the world’s largest employer. Whatever the situation, there is no denying that Wal-Mart is everywhere and just about everyone has found themselves inside one at one time or another. From mega pop stars to the 1.6 million United States associates, Wal-Mart opens its doors to a vast audience every day.

With so many people coming and going, you can imagine just how it would be keeping up with them all. Even keeping track of scheduled employees can get quite cantankerous in some stores. Therefore, Wal-Mart relies a lot on the honesty of its employees. Fear not though because they do have systems in place to monitor and track employees.

How To Check Walmart Point System Chart (Understanding Wal-Mart’s Point System)

Now, it’s not as invasive as that last statement might have made it seem. Wal-Mart can and does track its employees, but it is not like they have trackers planted inside them. No, they use what could best be described as a Walmart point system chart. Wal-Mart might not be known for its no policy rules, but they are quite strident when it comes to being prompt.

Just being 15 minutes late for a shift can put things in a tailspin. Therefore, the need for the point system. Wal-Mart’s point system is designed distinctively to disincentivize associates from unexpected tardiness or absences. On your first day with Wal-Mart or maybe even a day before, you will be issued an employee badge with an employee number. This will be your golden ticket in and out of the store.

It is how Wal-Mart’s system will track your worked hours, absences, breaks, and anything in between. You will be shown how to clock in for a shift, clock out for a break, clock in from break, clock out for lunch, clock in for lunch, and clock out for the day. With such a vast number of employees, it can only be through a system like this that management properly monitors employees. Any time you go for a promotion or have punishment rained down on you; this point system will be called into question.

As was said, it is your golden ticket. The point system is fairly simple and works like this, each employee is issued 9 points. Whether you are fifteen minutes late or 2 hours late for a clock in time, you will be docked ½ a point. If you miss half a scheduled shift, you will be docked a full point If you don’t show up at all without calling in, you will be docked 2 points When you start accruing points, management will let you know. 9 is not that many points, to begin with.

2022 Update

Wal-Mart has buckled even further down on its employees. Starting in 2019, the company made a major shift from 9 points to 5 points. At the beginning of the period employees now have a standard 5 points, instead of the traditional 9. That’s a whole four points knocked off. With this new amendment, Wal-Mart was gracious enough to lower its deductions as well.

Associates that do not show up for shift without a call-in are docked only one point. If you are forced to leave a shift early, you will still just be docked half a point. Some things that employees should keep in mind are that rules and policies from store to store can vary. Especially during the busy holiday seasons when everyone finds themselves crunched for time.

During these periods, a no-call, or no-show might result in a double-point deduction.

Either way, from 9 to 5 points is a major shift. Losing any of these points carelessly is entirely out of question for any employee.

Reporting An Absence Or Lateness

Wal-Mart did not get to where it is today without being open and understanding. Life can be difficult, and things can pop up unexpectedly. During your orientation, along with being shown how to swipe your employee bade, you’ll be issued a username, password, and a phone number. The username and password will be for access to Wal-Mart’s OneWalmart website. This is an employment website that you’ll use throughout your employment for a variety of activities.

One of those activities can be reporting absences or being late. The phone number you will be given is a number that you can call to do the same. It would be wise to use both if you plan on missing or find yourself running late. Any associate should report an absence or lateness at least 2 hours before a shift. It would even be all the better if you could report it days before with your human resource manager.

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That said, sometimes these things aren’t possible, and this is what the point system is there for. Wal-Mart does understand that unexpected things can happen, and they do issue employees 2 allotments or exception days. Each employee is allowed to miss 2 days without reporting. These days might not make a difference during the holiday or important seasonal times.

The Resetting Of The Point System

Like most services in life, there is a resetting period. These employee points do not continuously accrue year after year. After a specific time, your slate will be wiped clean, and you’ll be set back to the beginning of 5 total points. Luckily, this period is every 6 months.

Along with this, authorized absences are not deducted from an employee’s point system. Wal-Mart is big on being prompt and showing up when you are supposed to, but they are also understanding. If for some reason one needs to miss 5 or more shifts during these six months, there are acceptable excuses.

Using these excuses to miss a day of work means the absence or lateness won’t be held against the employee’s point system. These excuses can be anything from bereavement to pregnancy, medical-related issues, and FMLA leave.

Get Rewarded!

It should be noted that not only bad attendance is noted with Wal-Mart management. They also note good attendance. Along with the reduction of the point system in 2019, Wal-Mart also instituted a reward program.

Any full or part-time employee that accrues perfect attendance receives an additional 25% with their regular quarterly bonuses. Even with one or two points employees might be eligible for the bonus. This alone goes to show you that Wal-Mart is a more than an understanding employer.

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