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How to Check SBI Bank Balance online?

How to Check SBI Bank Balance online?

SBI is one of the best banks in India. SBI Mobile Banking application provides all the facilities for transferring payments, getting all information related to saving accounts or current accounts, recharging mobile phones, purchasing movie tickets, and many more.

SBI provides many services to Customers for Secure Transactions and Quick banking facilities. Therefore, People check their Current Balance for future purposes to maintain their records without visiting the Branch.

SBI provides the balance inquiry online is a perfect option for users so that customers can check the balance of their SBI account directly on their smartphone or laptop.

In this article, we have explained how to check your sbi bank account balance online? So, without any further Info. Let’s go into the details.

Check SBI Account Balance Via Net banking

There are various ways, and with the help, you can check your SBI Balance Online, which includes Internet Banking and YONO mobile Banking. You can follow simple steps to check your account online without a visit at the Branch-

  • Open the Official Website of SBI. Click on the SBI bank portal.
  • Then Choose the option of Personal Banking.
  • For Login, Enter your Netbanking Username and password.
  • You now will get redirected to the net banking dashboard. From the list of options, tap on the account summary.
  • You now will see the available balance in your account.

Check Balance Via YONO Lite App

  • Download the App from the play store/Appstore free of cost.
  • Log in to SBI’s Yono app by entering your username and password.
  • Then, tap on the accounts button.
  • Now, Click on MY Balance.
  • Select Saving Account.
  • After a few seconds, your Current Bank Account balance will appear on the screen.

Why is SBI balance inquiry necessary?

There is no compulsion to check the bank account balance, but some people want to know the account balance because:

  • Balance Enquire helps to maintain a Budgeting sense in the Future.
  • If you doubt any Illegal activities in your account, you can check whether the activities happen or not by balancing your account’s query.
  • If your transaction fails, you can check whether the money was refunded or not by Checking the Account balance.
  • You can check the valid date when you deposited or credited the money from the bank by checking the account balance.
  • A balance check helps determine whether your current balance is sufficient for a money transfer.
  • After every transaction, you can check the amount has been done.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Check Balance via SBI Customer Care?

Call SBI toll-free numbers 1800112211 & 18004253800. Provide your account number or last transaction details.

How do I inquire about the balance Via SMS?

Send SMS MSTMT to 09223866666. Must you have a registered Mobile Number at the time of enquiring

How to check your balance through the YONO app?

We have already listed the process above in this article. You can refer to the same.


So this is the end of this post. Most people were looking for the solutions to check SBI bank balance online. Therefore, we have decided to cover everything through this post. It will help all of our readers to understand the balance checking process.

Anyway, if you feel anything that is not understandable in this post. You can feel free to comment down below.

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