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How to Change Your Air Filter At Home?

How to Change Your Air Filter At Home?

Maintaining your furnace and air conditioner will ensure that your home has good air quality, lengthen the life of your equipment, as well as use less energy overall, lowering your energy costs. Counting on the kind and performance of your filter, you should replace them every 30-90 days.

Your HVAC system works hardest in the peak winter and summer months. Therefore it’s advised that you replace your air filter once a month during those times. Keep in mind that for your home’s heating and cooling system to function well, frequent maintenance is required, and you can even achieve that at home. Read this article to find out more.

Do You Know How To Replace Your Air Filter At Home?

The fastest and simplest approach to increase the effectiveness of your cooling as well as heating system and contribute to the air purification in your home is probably to change the furnace filter. It’s simpler than you may imagine accomplishing that.

The entire process should just take you around 5 to 10 minutes or so. Finding the right size filter and making a quick trip to the supply store to get a new one will probably take the longest amount of time.

Also, keep in mind that you are essentially just replacing the old filter with a new one. If you follow a few simple instructions attentively after getting the replacement filter, you should be ready to go.

Here’s What You Need to Do to Change Your Home Air Filter

Follow these simple step-by-step guides on how you can easily replace the old air filter with a new one.

1)   Turn off the furnace

Make sure the thermostat is set to the “off” position before changing the filter to avoid the HVAC system starting up at that time.

This will guard against loose particles or perhaps an easygoing filter fitting leaking into the duct and damaging your HVAC system.

Disconnect the electricity to your furnace system when performing maintenance for maximum safety.

2)   Locate and identify your furnace

Look in the instruction booklet that comes with your HVAC system. Your heating and cooling system’s suggested filter type and size should be specified in this manual.

If you don’t have your unit’s operation handbook, the majority of air filters are either integrated into the metal ductwork before the blower fan or the blower chamber of the furnace, so make sure to remove the furnace cover, usually by pulling it up.

Filters for some of these designs can be cleaned in the sink and bathtub or removed with a hose. Some people employ non-reusable fiberglass filters. Hardware, home improvement, and even supermarket stores carry these filters readily available.

3)   Identify the size of your air filter

Verify that the size of the air filter to purchase is specified in your furnace’s manual. If not, check the measurements of the present filter, which are often printed on the cardboard filter frame.

If you are unable to find this information, measure the height, width, as well as thickness using a ruler or measuring tape. For instance, if you have a 16x25x4 air filter in size.

In other words, it would be organized as 16 inches wide, 25 inches long, and 4 inches thick. When you head to the shop to purchase the replacement filter, note these measurements on a piece of paper to bring with you.

4)   Remove the old air filter

Take note of the arrow indicating the proper airflow direction on the filter frame before removing your current air filter. Installing the new filter should be accomplished identically as doing so for the old one.

Your furnace should be in the direction indicated by the “air-flow path arrow” put out on the new filter or, more precisely, the arrow which is pointed towards your furnace fan unit.

5)   Place the new air filter

Observe the arrow on the original filter frame, which points in the right direction for airflow. To maintain the exact airflow direction, pull out the old filter and replace it. Home air filters are made to only filter air coming from one way, preventing them from collapsing or breaking apart when they fill up with dirt. It’s that easy.

6)   Turn the furnace back on

Once you have changed the filter, make sure to turn the thermostat to the “on” setting. You can now restart using your furnace as you have a new filter.


Well, there you have it; I hope now you will be able to change the air filter of your home all by yourself. It is one of the simplest tasks once you follow the steps and have all the required items. Make sure you clean it regularly as well so it can last longer.

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