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How to Change Fonts in Subscript and Superscript?

How to change fonts in sub-script and super-script

You might have come across different type of texts on the internet that is visually dissimilar from the normal text. Common examples are subscript, superscript, and small text. These texts are used widely nowadays for different purposes like social media posts to make posts eye-catchy, for blogs to engage readers, and so on. In this post, we will discuss superscript and subscript, their difference, and other relevant information.

 What are superscript and subscript?

Superscript is the number above a certain letter / small letter/number. Here is an example:

Normal text: abbccddeeff

Superscript: ᵃᵇᵇᶜᶜᵈᵈᵉᵉᶠᶠ

A simple example is 95, where the number 5 is above number 9. This text is also used for exponents in mathematics.

On the other hand, a subscript is a text in which a small number or letter is written after a certain number or letter. You can see them as the opposite of superscript as they hand below its particular number/letter. These texts are used commonly for writing compounds like O2. Here is an example similar to the above mentioned for the superscript:

Normal Text: abbccddeeff

Subscript: ₐᵦᵦ������������ₑₑ������ 

Apart from mathematics and chemistry, you can use this text anywhere you want. If you want to convert your normal text to small text, superscript, or subscript, the easiest way is to use a small test tool named a small text generator that you can find on different websites online.

The tool is as easy as a font generator but for your ease, here in the next section, we have discussed how to use it.

How to use a small text generator?

You do not have to be a tech guru to use this too. Most of the websites are offering this tool for free and even some of them don’t even ask you to sign-up, log in or any other step is required. All you need to do is:

  • Browse online small text generator tool
  • Copy the text you want to convert or simply type it in one column
  • You will see results in seconds.

That is it, now you can simply copy the converted text and paste it wherever you want and it won’t change when pasted because these are not fonts, these texts have alphabets with unique Unicode assigned to each that is supported by almost all the social media sites, websites and other different platforms on the internet.

What are the different uses of superscript and subscript?

Well, there are different ways you can use these texts and get benefit from them. It can come in handy for your digital marketing, you can use it to make your assignments look more unique and full of effort, you can send such text to your friends to amaze them (they will probably ask you how you did it). Also, you might have seen people on Facebook with unique names, they use small text or one of these. However, some applications and platforms do not allow such text like you cannot use it for your Instagram’s username as they only support the default font but you can use it in your bio and make it look aesthetically appealing.

A good way is to use such text to highlight something like the heading or headline of a particular post that is done to make sales or to spread awareness of something. There are other uses as well and depends mainly on how you want to use it and where. Rest, the tool used to create such text is totally free and you can use it multiple times as per your needs without any sign-up or registration.

We hope this article helped you in understanding what superscript and subscript are and you found the other relevant information useful.

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