How To Cash Out Your Crypto in 2022?


Whether you’re mining crypto or collecting it, sometimes you may find yourself querying “how to convert crypto to cash.” Knowing how to turn crypto into cash is extremely important for securing personal financial gains.
Every person values different traits when it comes to converting crypto to cash. Some crypto owners value privacy and security, others – convenience and speed. The market luckily provides enough options so everyone can choose something.
This article should explain how to turn cryptocurrency into cash without endangering existing assets. After reading, you’ll be able to cash out cryptocurrency without any fuss!

Visit exchange office

Converting crypto to cash is always accompanied by difficulties. The technology is still new, so you should be extra careful when cashing out cryptocurrency. If you don’t want any problems or delays, you should try out an offline exchange office. Such offices can be found in the majority of European cities. They offer real-time cash receiving with guarantees.
For instance, if you live in Prague, you can check out B2Cash. This office is in a good location and provides high-quality services.
While converting crypto to cash offline, you can observe how the transaction is performed and how money is counted. This gives that sense of security and guaranteed success. Additionally, the employees are always willing to explain how to cash out cryptocurrency.

Use an ATM

If you don’t have time to wait in the office, a real-time exchange can be performed in Crypto ATMs. How to cash out cryptocurrency into cash via ATM? The process is relatively simple. Just follow the instructions on the screen.
Be aware that such machines have a slightly higher commission fee when compared to exchange offices. But the convenience of exchanging crypto to cash on the go does justify some financial losses.

Online exchange platforms

Can cryptocurrency be converted to cash online? You don’t want to leave your home but need money right now. Then you should try an online exchange platform. Such websites offer fast transactions with withdrawal to your bank card. No instant cash here. Yet it’s relatively convenient for people who are looking for money in any form.
Can you turn cryptocurrency into cash online? Not really. You can transfer funds to your bank and then order a cash delivery if your bank provides such services. This isn’t as easy as offline exchange.


There are numerous ways to convert crypto to cash. Offline office exchange offers security and guarantees. Clients can control how each step is performed. Crypto ATMs provide speed and convenience but can be a costly endeavor. Online exchange platforms are good for selling crypto without withdrawing real cash. Answering the question from the start, “can you convert crypto to cash?” – Yes. It’s up to you to choose the approach.

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