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How to Care for LUVME Curly Natural Wig

Natural Wig

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Natural Wig


 Every woman dreams of having the perfect curly natural wig because of its special appeal. It’s no surprise, as these wigs look exceptionally luscious and are perfect for everyday and romantic outings. Curly natural wigs are a must-have for every lady, as they can transform your look from zero to one hundred in ten seconds. However, the softness and luster of these wigs come at a price, making them quite expensive. That’s why Luvme offers the Afterpaywigs option, allowing you to buy now and pay later with zero interest. It’s the best deal out there for those who want to indulge in the luxury of a curly natural wig without breaking the bank.

It is worth noting that curly wigs require a little more effort to care for, especially the natural ones. To maintain their luster and softness, curly natural wigs must be treated with care. With proper care, your curly natural wig will remain a stunning addition to your collection for years.

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  • Introduction
  • Caring for your Curly Natural Wig
  • How to Wash Curly Natural Wigs
  • How to Keep the Curls
  • About & Why Luvme Hair
  •  Conclusion

Caring for your Curly Natural Wig

To keep your curly wig looking its best, following a few key steps will help you. To begin with, throw out those brushes. Even though they may seem like a quick fix for tangles, they can actually damage your natural hair. Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your wig without causing any harm.

Regular washing is also crucial to maintaining your wig’s shape and color. Unlike synthetic wigs, natural wigs can be washed with lukewarm water and specialized wig care products. This will help to remove any sweat, dirt, or dust buildup that can accumulate over time.

Detangling is another important step in caring for your curly wig. You’ll need a detangling mist or conditioning spray designed specifically for real hair wigs to do this. Use a comb to separate the strands and spray each section with the mist or spray. Start at the ends and gradually work your way up if there are any stubborn tangles.

Finally, proper storage is key to keeping your wig in top condition. After wearing it, be sure to place it on support rather than tossing it aside. When not in use, store it in a plastic bag or the net it came in to protect it from dust and other environmental factors.

 How to Wash Curly Natural Wigs 

Washing your curly natural wig the right way can make it last longer while maintaining its luster and fullness.

  1. Begin by gently and thoroughly combing your wig to remove any tangles. Place the wig on a stand and start combing from the ends, working your way up.
  2. Wet the wig thoroughly with lukewarm water, starting from the cap and working your way down to the ends of the hair. Avoid combing the wig while it is wet. Use a special shampoo for natural wigs so the wig can retain the excellent quality of the hair. Do not comb curly wigs when washing, as this will speed up the naturally progressing straightening process.
  3. Once your wig has been washed thoroughly, you can proceed to rinse the wig.
  4. Mix some liquid conditioner into the water and soak your curly wig in it for about 10 minutes to make it soft.
  5. Rinse the wig again with lukewarm water to rinse off all conditioner.
  6. Properly drying your wig is crucial. Use a delicate towel to knead the wig until all water is drained gently. Avoid rubbing the wet hair to prevent damage.
  7. After drying, place the wig on a stand at room temperature and secure the hair with a net to maintain the right curl.

Note that the more you use your wigs, the more often you should wash them.

How to Keep the Curls 

To maintain the perfect curl of your wig for a longer period, it is crucial to store it properly. The net that comes with your wig is specifically designed for this purpose and should be utilized. When you are not wearing your wig, it is essential to place it on a special stand and attach the net carefully, ensuring all the hair is inside the net. This will prevent the curls from straightening under the weight of the hair. If you notice that the curls in your wig have lost their shape, there are steps you can take to restore them. Begin by carefully combing the wig as described above. Then, twist each lock with your fingers to help it regain its former shape or you can use a flat iron to reshape if you need. To enhance the twist effect, you can use specialized leave-in conditioners.

About & Why Luvme Hair 

You can get curly natural wigs from any online store, but rest assured that Luvme Hair offers the best of the best. They are committed to providing the highest quality hair and expert assistance for all your needs, so you can be sure of receiving the best product.

At Luvme Hair, you’ll find a wide variety of curly natural wigs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a frontal lace wig, an undetectable lace wig, a glueless closure, bouncy curls, long curly locks, or anything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect style, length, and color to suit your needs. In addition, with 100% virgin human hair, you can be certain that your wig will feel and look natural. But that’s not all – Luvme Hair also offers a convenient payment option with their “Afterpay wigs program. You can buy now and pay in 4 installments with zero interest, making it easier than ever to get the perfect curly natural wig you’ve been dreaming of. So why wait? Visit Luvme hair today and discover the perfect curly natural wig for you!


Curly natural wigs are timeless and are a game-changer for all women. Still, they require proper care to maintain their health and longevity. While caring for your curly natural wig may seem daunting, it is well worth the effort. Fortunately, all the information you need to care for your curly natural wig properly is provided in this text, so there’s no reason not to invest in a Luvme curly wig today. You can maintain the beauty and vibrancy of your curly wig for as long as possible by following these simple steps.

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