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How to Buy TikTok Likes in 2022

Fraudulent sites take a large portion of the internet. Unfortunately, it also happens when you buy TikTok likes. Not all of the sites get you what you paid for; occasionally, they might even put your account at risk of getting banned or blocked. we do not recommend buying fake accounts and fake followers.

By introducing the leading suppliers in the TikTok services industry, this article will help you stir away from unprofessional, malicious sources. Social media services propel your brand awareness forward; you should avoid sites that bring the opposite results.

The following table shows the pricing differences between the top providers in the industry (in the range of 100-5,000 likes); then, we’ll dive right into detailed coverage of each site. Let’s roll!

#1 TikRoyal

First and foremost, it’s time you become acquainted with TikRoyal.

Everything TikRoyal does is simply amazing; buy TikTok likes, and you’ll understand why soon enough.

They offer the most popular packages TikTokers need, and the payment system is fully encrypted. Likes, views, followers, and shares are just the tip of the iceberg (you can buy all the 6 most popular services here). Overall, these guys are the most professional suppliers we came across.

Support Team

Another evaluating factor in measuring the quality of a provider is to test the support department by opening a support ticket.

The elements that matter to us as customers are: the tone of the reply, the time we waited until we got one, and whether the representative helped us find a solution or not. TikRoyal gets a 10/10 for being professional and highly responsive whenever we need them.


The ordering process here takes less than 2 minutes, and the likes I bought arrived in like 1 hour. Fantastic services!

Dan Hamill V

The support guys really helped me when something was wrong with my likes order. You’re awesome!

Dudley Turcotte

Every time I use your TikTok likes tool, I am blown away by your service. Thank you!

Elvera Runte

Thank you for the best TikTok Likes tool. From fast delivery to a secure payment method, you offer everything and more. I am now a loyal customer.

Blaise Braun

Trustpilot Approval

In addition to the many praises previous customers left on TikRoyal, the site’s Trustpilot rank is 4.8, near perfection!

#2 Trollishly

While TikTok is an awesome app, other social media platforms still matter. Trollishly is also a viable option for those who need a boost on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

#3 Socialwick

Truth be told: we bought likes from Socialwick several times. The site is rather convenient to use and should definitely be saved in your favorites. 

#4 Tikfuel

While Tikfuel might seem slightly limited at first (because they only offer likes, followers, and views), you shouldn’t overlook the quality of its services.


The likes we ordered from this site arrived fast and looked fairly legit. We’re absolutely in their favor.

#6 Tokrush

The profiles here look average at best, but the site is rather user-friendly.

#7 Celebian

Some profiles shared a video or two, but other than that, the likes we got from Celebian leave much to be desired.

#8 Socialboosting

The only thing going for Socialboosting is that they have a very detailed FAQ section. Otherwise, the quality of the likes is rather poor.

#9 Zeru

While their pricing is relatively cheap, the likes here don’t stand up to the expectations. We fell for them once, and it will never happen again.

#10 Feedpixel

The likes here are very expensive; this site isn’t recommended for marketers with small budgets. They do have Free likes option, though.


Now that you know which sites you can rely on, nothing can stop you from going viral on TikTok. For starters, you should try TikRoyal, the absolute best provider on this list. May your videos always be featured on the ‘For You’ page!

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