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How To Buy, Sell Or Trade OSRS Accounts

Sometimes gamers may need to acquire additional skills, strengths, weapons, avatars, etc., which they can do through purchasing or selling their Old School RuneScape accounts.

New players may jump into the game faster by acquiring additional OSRS accounts, or players completing the game can now purchase or sell their existing OSRS accounts to other players at a price.  Gamers can purchase or sell their OSRS accounts on various online gaming platforms and offer gamers several benefits, which we will discuss further in the following article.

What Are OSRS Accounts?

RuneScape players can purchase multiple OSRS accounts to ensure they meet their gaming goals.

Players can find their favorite OSRS accounts for sale online or on other gaming forums.  Depending on the skill, currency, or avatar the player may wish to acquire, the account cost can range from $12.00 to $299.79.

A player’s OSRS account holds their avatar, character, and Old School RuneScape profile.  It also contains the player’s gaming history and any conversations they have with other players of Old School RuneScape.

When players sign up for an Old School RuneScape account, the game provides them with individual login details, whether their email address or a username.  Previously, Jagex prohibited players from logging into multiple OSRS accounts.  However, in May 2014, Jagex changed these rules, allowing players to have multiple accounts.

An essential point for players to note is that they cannot exchange their OSRS accounts for real currency.

Types Of OSRS Accounts

RuneScape players may acquire any of the following types of OSRS accounts that may help them with their gaming experience.

Secondary Or Alternate OSRS Accounts

Alternate or secondary OSRS accounts refer to lower-level accounts.  New players of Old School RuneScape usually acquire this type of account.

Throwaway OSRS Account

Some OSRS account holders sometimes acquire the accounts without intending to develop their profile or actively play the game.  Their accounts, sometimes referred to as rag or throwaway, are alternate accounts that the player may use to rag or intentionally destroy another player’s game.

Benefits Of OSRS Accounts

New players to RuneScape may acquire OSRS accounts if they feel the game’s lower levels are tedious, dull, or unchallenging.  Acquiring additional OSRS accounts allows players to advance up several levels quicker than usual.

Here are some benefits of acquiring OSRS accounts;

Acquiring OSRS Accounts Saves Time

When a player begins an Old School RuneScape game from a lower level, they may find it unchallenging or tedious.  Acquiring an OSRS account allows them to advance to alternate, more challenging levels faster.  Players can also enjoy higher-level content when they acquire additional OSRS accounts.

Access To Higher Level Content

Acquiring additional OSRS accounts allows the player access to higher-level content without going through the lengthy leveling process.  Players can access additional gear and currency or participate in more challenging battles.

Additional OSRS Accounts Improve Gaming Experience

By acquiring additional OSRS accounts, players can improve their gaming experience.  It allows players to explore more of the gaming world, interact with players on other levels, and engage in higher-level, more challenging activities.

In acquiring additional OSRS accounts, players should know the risks and hazards involved.  Some risks or hazards are listed below;

  1. Players should be aware of scams.  They must ensure they purchase OSRS accounts from reputable sources and never divulge their personal information or banking details.
  1. There are risks to acquiring additional accounts, which may go against Old School RuneScape policy.  Players should always read through their policy before acquiring additional OSRS accounts.  RuneScape can ban or block players’ accounts.
  1. When a player acquires another player’s OSRS account, they must familiarize themselves with that player’s history, etc.  The secondary account may have violations or bans, which the new account holder acquires.

OSRS Privacy Policy

Jagex takes the privacy of their players’ personal information seriously and employs various security measures to protect players’ information.  Their privacy policy includes encryption, firewalls, and other security technologies to prevent unauthorized access to players’ personal information.

Players can access, correct, or delete their personal information anytime.  They may also opt out of receiving promotional emails from Jagex by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email.

According to Jagex Privacy Policy, Old School RuneScape players may;

  • Have access to their personal data.
  • Players can update their data at any time.
  • They can remove their personal data and close their accounts if required.
  • Players can restrict their data processing
  • They can request information regarding their personal data usage.

Trivia And Facts About RuneScape

For some gamers, RuneScape is more than a game.  They become a part of the game and belong to a community, despite it being virtual.

Whether you are a novice to playing RuneScape or an experienced player, here are some fun trivia and facts about RuneScape;

  • RuneScape was developed and released in January 2001 by Jagex.  Two brothers, Andrew, and Paul Gower, founded the game while in college, first as a hobby, then later as a creative outlet.
  • RuneScape is one of the largest free online Massive multi-player online game (MMORPG).  As of 2022, recent stats found there are approximately 300 million registered RuneScape accounts.
  • Jagex has translated the game into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.
  • RuneScape’s magical, medieval world is called Gielinor and features multiple players, legends, monsters, and various quests.
  • The game features various skills and crafts like combat, magic, and others.
  • The game’s strong social aspect allows players to form friendships and alliances throughout the game.
  • At the BAFTA Games Awards in 2019, Old School RuneScape won the EE Mobile Games award.


Old School RuneScape players can acquire additional accounts, called OSRS accounts, to gain access to higher gaming levels, skills, or currency.  The additional accounts allow gamers to create and customize their avatars or characters, go on quests, battle monsters, and participate in a multi-player world.

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