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How To Build Your Brand With Pull Marketing

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Pull marketing draws consumers towards your company via non-intrusive marketing techniques and search engine optimization. 

This marketing strategy can work wonders as long as it’s used to the best advantage. Pull marketing is the opposite of pushing products on consumers. When you pull instead of pushing, you’ll focus on building connections with consumers, giving them a sense of loyalty to your brand. In such uncertain times, the value of pull marketing is high.

Here are some tips that will help you practice it day in and day out. If you’re starting a company, this advice will also be valuable, as understanding pull marketing and how to use it will give you an edge as soon as you start an online store:

Use social media to create a buzz

One important component of pull marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. In the age of social distancing, you can create a buzz by generating word-of-mouth advertising via your company’s social media accounts.

Many consumers rely on social media channels, from Facebook to Instagram and beyond, to stay in the loop and stave off boredom. 

This means that many of your existing customers may be more than willing to weigh in about the value of your goods and services. All that you need to do is ask.

Show a social conscience

One option is letting customers know how much their loyalty means during a global crisis like the one we underwent in 2020. A post like this will probably garner goodwill and a few responses letting your company know that customers value it too.

This is a good time to reach out without any hard sell. Pull marketing on social media is about strengthening bonds between your company and customers.

You’ll also need to create a network of social media connections, starting with friends and family, who will be ready to tout your brand when it’s launched.

Once you have your business name and logo, you’ll be ready to launch and then use pull marketing techniques to get ahead. 

In terms of social media SEO that augments your pull marketing efforts, be sure to optimize social media posts and profiles with relevant keywords which you can identify using an online tool. Also, ensure your posts are shareable, which will help with link-building.

Understand the pull marketing cycle

The first element of the cycle is capturing the attention of prospective customers, while the second element is nurturing that interest. 

The final element is refining efforts to boost results. To capture interest in your company, you may want to promote goodwill by helping your community. It’s a great time to donate items or money or help others by donating your time.

You may show your social media followers what your company is doing to help on social media or via your company’s official website. Right now, we are all in this together, and companies that show a social conscience do capture the interest of consumers. Naturally, you should optimize your website content just as you optimize your social media content.

In terms of nurturing emerging bonds with consumers, in keeping with your low-key pull marketing strategy, you should stay in touch with new connections and start to make them aware of your expertise in your niche. Share information that helps them to solve problems. This will build trust and rapport. Make sure to display social proof on your site to build trust in your brand further.

To finish the cycle, track your results and see which online channels are helping you to achieve your business goals. Underperforming channels need a different approach, while successful channels clearly signal what consumers want from your company.

Now that you know more about pull marketing and why it’s such a smart marketing technique during the pandemic, isn’t it time to implement it? You can promote your products and/or services without pushing them on consumers. It’s all about asking for feedback, showing a social conscience, and understanding the pull marketing cycle. Of course, every effort should be optimized for SEO.


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