If you are reading this then it means your wifi is working. But because you are reading this it isn’t working well enough. Kudos, we have a piece of good news for you that after reading this article, you don’t need to jump to any other website because then you can continue to your video or movie or game or whatever you were doing.

So let’s not interrupt you much and take a look at How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal.

But before we move to it, make sure that your wifi is at least working even if the speed is slow, but it is working. Because if it isn’t working then there could be a technical issue or something.

Now, let’s check out the ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

1) Keep Your Wi-Fi Router At a Good Place- Not all places are equally suitable for your Wi-Fi router. To begin with, you should not put your router IP at a place close to any metal object that emits electromagnetic waves.

Metal is the top disrupter for a Wi-Fi signal and keeping its presence close to a Wi-Fi router can easily create a large dead zone for your internet speed.

2) Keep Your Router Updated- It has experimented that a router with an old framework performs worse than the updated one. Therefore, it is better to keep your Wi-Fi router completely updated as it has a vast effect on the internet speed of your Wi-Fi.

If you don’t know how to update the framework of your Wi-Fi or how to check if your Wi-Fi framework is updated or not then you can check the process on the internet. Because the process varies according to the router you are using.

3) Get A Powerful Antenna- Most Wi-Fi routers come with small and weak antennas. No, it is not because the manufacturer is looking to save money. But powerful antennas are hideously large and therefore they look a little weird as compared to the one that comes attached to your Wi-Fi.

 But, if you don’t mind the size of the antenna, then getting a new more powerful antenna could be an amazing option to boost the speed of your Wi-Fi without even getting a new router.

4) Cut Off Your Wi-Fi Leeches- Don’t even think that your neighbor will not use your Wi-Fi because they have their own. Well, they will. Least did you know, but fast wifi speed is a real thing, but there could be a possibility that your neighbors are taking advantage of high-speed wifi therefore you are not getting the riches. So you can simply encrypt your wifi and put a stronger password that your neighbors or other people could not crack at least.

You can try using different combinations and different signs as well. Just anything which anyone other than you can’t crack easily. If you have lots of guests visiting your house and using your Wi-Fi, simply create a guest network, and protect it with a password too. Also, you can limit its range too.

Final Verdicts

This is all from our side about How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal. No doubt Wi-Fi is one of the most essential elements for everyone these days. Slow internet speed is one of the most annoying and irritating things as well.

Therefore you can try the above methods to boost your Wi-Fi speed. These methods are sure shot and personally tried and tested. So you are definitely going to get the best results with the above methods to improve your Wi-Fi Speed.

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