How to Benefit from Offshore Healthcare Software Development Services?

How to Benefit from Offshore Healthcare Software Development Services?

Nearly 80% of the world’s 500 top companies utilize offshore teams to carry out their daily operations. The driving force behind offshore healthcare software development is primarily cost reduction and access to skilled resources on an on-demand basis. Outsourcing offshore software development can also free up internal IT resources to concentrate on strategic duties.

Healthtech firms can enhance their technology-based offerings for remote patient care, digital monitoring, and efficient patient data processing by adopting offshore outsourcing.

Despite all these benefits, there are different challenges that a client can face working with an offshoring contractor. Experts from Belitsoft describe them and answer the question of how to handle these issues.

Comparison of outsourcing team with other models

Forming an in-house team for healthcare app development has certain disadvantages, such as the requirement to recruit experts, expenditures for workspace and staff training, a restricted pool of local talent, and a time-consuming hiring process.

Collaborating with freelancers for healthcare app development has possible drawbacks, such as unverified skills, challenges in guaranteeing adherence to industry regulations, lack of prioritization, and communication difficulties.

Cooperating with an outsourcing company for healthcare app development has a few significant advantages. There are the flexibility to employ contract workers on an as-needed basis, the ability to work with a geographically dispersed team, the option to define the scope of work and monitor progress, and a guarantee of the quality and skills of the software developer through the screening process.

Typical challenges in offshoring and how to address them 

Communication barriers

Effective communication in software development is not solely reliant on physical proximity. It can be achieved when developers prioritize customer needs and follow established procedures for documenting, discussing, and fulfilling customer requirements.

Reduced productivity in comparison to on-site employees

Choosing an offshore software development company that invests in discovering and educating exceptional talent is crucial. The number of certified developers a company has can be a good indicator of their dedication to this.

Resistance from an in-house IT department

Outsourcing can be implemented gradually, beginning with smaller projects that the in-house IT department may not find appealing. As the advantages become apparent, resistance is likely to decrease.

Which healthcare companies can gain the most from offshore software development?

Healthtech startups with limited funding

Startups often have innovative digital concepts but face budget constraints. Many get stuck at the MVP stage, ending up with a product that doesn’t reach its full potential. Offshore software developers’ outsourcing helps them create the product at a lower cost.

Healthcare companies that lack technical proficiency

Founders with exceptional concepts may not possess technical expertise. That is why collaboration with a software development company with the needed proficiency can help them. It enables businesses to discover and recruit the finest team

Healthtech product businesses aiming to accelerate time-to-market

Time is crucial in the software industry. If a business takes too long in the development phase, it risks losing its advantage to competitors who launch comparable products. Offshore outsourcing removes the time required for recruiting and training, enabling businesses to have the top team working on their project from day one.

When is the appropriate time to outsource healthcare software development to an offshore contractor?

Idea generation phase

If you have a basic concept for a medical app but need assistance with technical aspects. Collaborating with healthcare software consultants can be advantageous in this case, because they offer companies a committed and trustworthy team for an idea and product consultation.

Development stage

After finalizing the concept and framework of the healthcare application, the next step is to collaborate with a software development partner to commence the development process and build a quality assurance strategy.

After release

Despite the healthcare app being launched, it may require continuous maintenance and support. By collaborating with a development firm, you can receive assistance with app updates as well.

To summarise

Collaborating with an offshore healthcare software development company can offer a range of benefits, including cost reduction, access to skilled resources, and the ability to focus on strategic duties. Outsourcing can also help health tech firms improve their technology-based offerings and accelerate time-to-market. While challenges such as communication barriers and reduced productivity may arise, they can be addressed by prioritizing customer needs, investing in exceptional talent, and implementing outsourcing gradually. Startups with limited funding, healthcare companies lacking technical proficiency, and businesses seeking to accelerate their time-to-market can benefit the most from offshore outsourcing. The appropriate time to outsource healthcare software development varies, from the idea generation phase to the development stage and even after release, when maintenance support is required.

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