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How to Become Certified in TESOL Online to Teach English

How to Become Certified in TESOL Online to Teach English

What is TESOL?

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) credential assists educators in comprehending the interplay between language and culture. Many native English speakers have an innate grasp of correct grammar and vocabulary but might struggle to articulate when or why a particular word or phrase is appropriate. This course will teach you how to teach. This is where the training in TESOL becomes useful. The use of educators with TESOL certification is on the rise in classrooms around the globe.

Qualities to Seek in an Online TESOL Certificate Program

There is a lot of competition for TESOL programs, so finding the best one might be challenging. Consider these things when selecting a TESOL program.

What is the course duration in hours?

The majority of TESOL courses offered online demand 120 hours of coursework. The standard curriculum calls for 100 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of field experience in the classroom. Nonetheless, online TESOL certification programs stipulate that a minimum of 120 hours must be spent in an academic setting, with additional hours required for practicum or student teaching.

Students who desire more in-depth training or require teaching experience can take advantage of the longer durations offered by some programs, such as the 150- and 250-hour options.

Will the Course Earn Accreditation?

Employers looking to hire you for a position in English education may ask to see proof that you attended an accredited school to make sure your degree is up to par.

When provided by recognized educational institutions, online TESOL certificate programs can be considered accredited. Though not subject to the same level of regulation as institutional accrediting bodies for universities and colleges, independent organizations offering online TESOL programs can also hold accreditation.

There is no universal system for accrediting independent providers. Regarding TESOL programs in the US, two respected accrediting bodies are ACCET and CEA.

Be sure to check the website of the relevant accrediting body if an online TESOL certificate provider claims to be ACCET or CEA accredited.

Can You Tell Me About the Instructor’s Experience?

Before enrolling in an online TESOL course, ensure the teacher is competent. These educators should ideally hold a current TESOL, TEFL, or TESL certification and be well-versed in the requirements for certification, as well as the best practices for instructing future ESL teachers.

The websites of some recognized educational institutions feature biographies of the faculty members who teach there. Talk to the school’s advisers or admissions counsellors to learn more about the teachers’ qualifications.

Will I Get Hands-On Experience Through This Course?

Students can use their TESOL knowledge in various contexts during a student teaching or practicum program. All TESOL certification programs do not require practicum or student teaching hours, but many respectable programs do. Suppose you want to gain classroom experience or a teaching license but still need to possess either. In that case, finding an institution that provides this kind of practical training can be highly beneficial.

If you complete your TESOL certification program online and need help meeting your student teaching in person, an online practicum could be ideal. Teaching online classes and using digital resources are commonplace in online training.

Can I Get Help Getting a Job Through This Program?

Students can find career resources in some TESOL programs to aid their job search. Students looking to jumpstart their careers, particularly recent grads without established professional networks, may find these resources helpful.

Internships, job boards, networking events, and career services (such as resume workshops) should be highlights of any program you’re considering. To better assist their students in finding employment, some schools may even form partnerships with TESOL organizations.

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