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How To Become an Email Marketing Expert

Projected to draw $10 billion1 in revenues worldwide by 2023, email marketing is one of the most promising digital avenues for businesses. With no signs of a slowdown, thousands of online businesses — including real estate, insurance, and retail — are hunting for email marketing experts to help grow their bottom line.

Email marketers are in demand, and for a good reason: the job is as profitable as it is interesting. The benefits of being a professional email marketer include making good money, following the top minds in the industry — by participating in real-life industry-leading marketing conferences such as the ones found on and hubs alike — and keeping pace with the changes and demands of the market.

Sounds intriguing? It indeed does, as emails are here to stay, growing more robust, competitive, and profitable.

Read on to learn what you need to become an email marketing expert.

What Will You Do as an Email Marketer?

You will create, execute, and analyze email marketing campaigns for various products and audiences. A cog in a complex business mechanism – or a part of the lead management ecosystem – you will generate, convert, and retain your subscribers by implementing specific tools and techniques.

Among many other things, you will:

Segment your audience to tailor emails to their needs and wants.

Create engaging emails based on the segmentation, from welcome to cart abandonment emails to surveys to announcements.
Design emails from scratch or use templates, email builders, etc.
Write subject lines, email bodies, and CTAs.
Align emails to the brand image.

Analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns: conduct A/B tests, use software to improve workflows, predict expansion success, and more.

And if you are still wondering about the relevance of email marketing – some consider it a relic of the past – just look at the data:

Email marketing can draw up to $42 for every dollar spent2.
80% of marketers3 rate email marketing as more valuable than social media marketing.
50% of customers4 would love to receive weekly emails from their favorite brands.

Numbers don’t lie. Becoming an email marketer can change your life, and it might be the best time to take the first step toward this endeavor.

How To Get Your First Job as an Email Marketer?

Ask a dozen world-renowned email marketers about their path to success, and you will hear a dozen different stories. Everyone has a unique personality and requires a different approach – and you may not even need a degree to become an email marketer.

But then again, if you need help getting started, this can be a traditional path:

Get a bachelor’s degree in a major related to digital media. A marketing, advertising, or communications degree would be a considerable advantage over a high school diploma (which may also be enough). Likewise, a degree in computer science or knowledge of programming basics – HTML, CSS, etc. – would give you a competitive edge, as today’s email marketing heavily relies on software.

Enroll in an email marketing certificate program. An email marketing certificate isn’t required, but it may give you a head start with your career. The good news is that there are dozens and hundreds of free and paid programs on the web, so you can always find one to acquire the skills you need.

Get some experience — even unpaid. Instead of trying to increase your income from the get-go, focus on acquiring vital first-hand experience and connections. An unpaid internship may help you flaunt your skills and will likely result in a faster promotion and higher salaries later on.

Finally, never stop improving, as email marketing is one of the most rapidly changing business avenues. Take, for example, AMP emails. AMP technology enables real-time updates upon every open and allows in-email purchases instead of redirecting recipients to a third-party website. Marketers who ignore advancements in innovation lag across the board, from email opens to conversions.

Get Ready To Use Software To Beat the Competition

The importance of software in email marketing is invaluable. What has been done manually for dozens of years is now done automatically, saving businesses tons of resources.

You won’t go far without email marketing software, and here’s why:

Automated emails drive 320% more revenue,5 save time, and improve lead generation.

Even according to the most modest estimates, half of businesses6 already use email marketing automation, resulting in more competition while reducing the need for manual outreach. Without a doubt, extensive knowledge of email software is the bedrock of success in the email marketing industry.

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