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How to become a programmer?

Become a programmer

There are several possible ways to become a programmer.

Obtain a graduate degree

This is the traditional path taken by most students aspiring to become software engineers. Many high schools and universities offer excellent technical training. In addition, large world-class companies offer internships and recruit students right out of school.

The disadvantages of this pathway include the following:

  • The difficulty of access.
  • The long duration of the apprenticeship (between 3 and 5 years).
  • Some schools have very high tuition fees.

Anyway, you will get the in-depth knowledge needed for programming while studying at a university or any other institution. You will meet like-minded people, practice under the supervision of tutors, and deal with different projects and exciting tasks. However, they might be pretty challenging, and you may even experience some doubts about your execution of the assignments. So, to ensure that your homework is done in the best possible way, you can reach out to It’s a great solution to any difficulties which spring up during your studies.

Take a Bootcamp

A bootcamp allows a student to learn the programming profession quickly (between 3 months and one year). It only teaches the things necessary for a programmer’s job, which speeds up the learning process. A bootcamp is perfect for those who prefer practice to theory. Also, it costs much less than a university.

Learn on your own

Self-study is an excellent option for people who are motivated and resourceful.

Indeed, there are many free resources on the Internet to learn the basics of programming. For example, on my website, I have a lot of various tutorials on JavaScript, TypeScript, Git, and many others.

Also, there are many affordable courses on everything you need to know as a programmer.

How to stay competitive as a programmer?

Languages and technologies are constantly being updated. For this reason, computer programmers must continue professional development and learn new things throughout their IT careers.

Many distance learning and online courses are available to learn and update your knowledge.

What are the benefits of becoming a programmer?

There are many advantages to becoming a computer programmer.

  • flexibility. A computer programmer will, most of the time, be able to work very flexible hours.
  • salary. The salary is exciting from the start, and a programmer can quickly become more competent and demand higher and higher pay.
  • demand. In general, there is more supply than demand, allowing any programmer to find a job without any problem right out of school, even in the most prominent companies.
  • telecommuting. Many companies offer partial or complete telecommuting. Therefore, the programmer can work from another country.
  • comfort. The working conditions of programmers are very comfortable.

And many others!

How do I know if I should become a programmer?

The best way to realize this is to try it out, for example, during an internship for six months. Also, it is possible to train for free in a self-taught way with the following: online training or courses, blog articles, or YouTube videos.


It can be challenging to find your way. However, the programming path is for you if you are interested in computers, video games, application development, mathematics, or technical creation. Nothing is impossible for those who want to acknowledge the profession of programming by trying different ways and methods. 

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