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How to be accepted by your team

Team Building

Any job, even the most beloved with a good salary, will not bring joy if relations in the team are tense. Many applicants, looking through the list of open vacancies, very carefully consider the working conditions, namely, the description of the team. It is enough for someone to have one or two colleagues with whom you can drink coffee. And someone wants to become not just a part of the team, but its soul. Here are our tips on how to do it.

First impression

Everyone has only one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, on the first day at work, you need to take care of your appearance. A neat hairstyle, well-thought-out clothes, and clean shoes should be seen by the company’s employees on the first day of their future colleague. It is desirable that the image be as close as possible to your usual one, because if you come in a suit on the first day, in torn jeans on the second, company employees may suspect you of hypocrisy.


If you want to blend into a team, you must be open to communication. Surely, different people work in the same office, some will look for acquaintances with a new employee, while others will not show interest. You need to be open and honest with people, but also be able to defend your boundaries.

There are two things to keep in mind when following the advice to be open – don’t let your personal boundaries be violated, and don’t be intrusive yourself. If you are asked uncomfortable questions, you can choose not to answer them. By doing so, you show which topics are unpleasant for you. Also, do not impose your friendship and ask people personal questions. Not everyone is ready to immediately make contact, but if you become interested in a person, they will definitely show it.


Communication is not only endless stories about yourself. A good conversationalist is, first of all, a good listener. If you give a new acquaintance the opportunity to tell what they consider necessary about themselves, and listen without interrupting, the likelihood that a person will want to communicate with you will be much higher.

Be accepted by your team

Don’t hide your talents

Each of us knows something better than others. For example, you have a good voice. Invite the team to go to karaoke on the weekend or after work. If you are the king of the dance floor, go to a disco. If your level of knowledge is higher than that of other employees, for example, in QA manual testing, help someone who needs it. By showing yourself and your strengths it is much easier to win the respect of people.

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