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How to be a Changemaker in Your Society?

Have you ever thought of making a difference in your community? Well, you can make a difference by becoming a changemaker! Changemakers are people who identify problems and actively work to remove the frustration. Furthermore, you can follow some steps to become a successful changemaker.

What is a Changemaker?

A changemaker is a leader who identifies a social issue and takes the initiative to create positive change. They have enough training and grow a strong sense of empathy. They should desire to make their communities better.

How to Become a Changemaker?

5 steps can help you become a proven changemaker in a developing country or community. There are also fully modular changemakers initiatives by large international agencies in developing countries. You have to decide your purpose and connect with one to start your journey as following:

1. Discover How to Become a Leader

We are not talking about bossing people around like a company owner. True leadership speaks about inspiring and helping others to achieve a common goal. There are many leadership styles, so find one that suits your personality. You can learn leadership skills through courses or workshops.

2. Join a Community for Discussion and Plans.

You cannot make change as a single individual no one recognizes. So, you must follow the principle of the “Bundle of sticks do not break” theory. Find individuals who share your passion for making a difference. Look for local community groups, NGOs, or online forums. Start volunteering work for the community.

3. Contact Authority for Financial Support

You cannot create anything without having enough money. Even some initiatives may require large amounts of funding for sustainable development. In these cases, you have to research scholarships or awards offered by government institutions or NGOs.  When you work for an agency like BRAC, you may get the funds directly from them.

4. Inspire Others to Join Your Movement

When you are up for bringing good, you need more people to work by your side. So, use social media platforms, local events, or even word-of-mouth to spread awareness about your project.  More people means more impact on a large scale.

5. Develop the Characteristics of a Changemaker

Anyone can become a changemaker, but certain people possess the quality to be recognized for their characteristics. If you are a passionate changemaker, try to bring those characteristics and present yourself as an ideal citizen of the country.

Best Characteristics as a Changemaker

  • Resilience: Rome was not built in a day, so change rarely happens overnight. You must be prepared for setbacks and roadblocks. So, become patient and wait for the moment.
  • Vision: The Changemaker should picture the positive change even before it happens. A strong vision will keep you motivated and make you a trustworthy person.
  • Connections: Changemakers build relationships with people who offer support. In this process, networking plays an important role in new opportunities and resources.
  • Integrity: Always act ethically and honestly. People need to trust your motives and the impact of your project.
  • Commitment: Never forget that change-making is a marathon, not a sprint. You must be dedicated to your cause and have stored willpower to put in the time and effort required for long-term success.

Best Habits for a Successful Changemaker

Changemakers adapt to challenges by being adaptive and responsive. Strong connections are key, so they build trust by being good in relationships. They do not compete; instead, they collaborate with others. Also, new ideas often require calculated risks, so changemakers become risk-takers. Finally, they familiarize themselves with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Becoming a Dedicated Changemaker

Changemakers can be anyone, from students to working professionals, retirees, or even stay-at-home parents. When they find a common platform, brainstorming with others can spark new ideas and help develop a plan of action. But some professionals have extra advantages of having personal interests connected to the welfare works:

  • Musicians, poets, and filmmakers can use their philosophical power to raise awareness and spark emotions.
  • Scientists and engineers can develop innovative solutions to social and environmental problems.
  • Entrepreneurs can create social enterprises that tackle issues with financial stability.
  • Normal people can share their experiences and stories daily to inspire others and advocate for change.
  • Students can use their active thinking power and prepare to enter the real world.

Final Verdict

Becoming a changemaker influences you to examine social, economic, and environmental problems. So, if you are a social thinker, don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and take action. Even small changes can ripple outwards and create a wave of positive transformation. Join the changemaker communities and get inspiration.

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