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MultCloud-How to Backup NAS to OneDrive in 2021

Cloud, cloud, and more clouds-this is a term that is now very common in business, and it is becoming more and more common in the home. Cloud storage is a big market. Microsoft OneDrive has been around for a while, and its service has won the favor of many users. With a simple operation, users can set up a free 5GB account. Moreover, OneDrive is also integrated with Microsoft Office, which further enhances the user’s product experience.

However, some users are no longer satisfied with using third-party file hosting services. They will choose to use NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives to host certain services, or simply use NAS to create a server for home storage sharing.

Using NAS can indeed make storing data easier, and all data is under your control. However, the more stored, the corresponding data will also increase. Because the NAS system is network-attached storage built on hardware products, a hardware problem will cause storage errors. When your computer or local hard drive fails, effective data backup will help avoid unnecessary anxiety and emotional distress caused by data loss.

Have you made a data backup? Currently, there are many data backup solutions on the market. This article will provide two effective backup methods: use Synology NAS to back up data to cloud drives; use a third-party tool to back up data in NAS to cloud drives.

How to Backup NAS to OneDrive?

At present, the most common way is the following two, users in need can choose one of them.

  • Using Synology NAS to back up data to OneDrive

Synology DSM is the foundation of DiskStation that integrates file sharing, centralized backup, RAID storage, multimedia streaming, virtual storage, and the basic functionality of using DiskStation as a network video recorder. Synology also offers users free mobile applications, including support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Fire.

The centralized backup function can realize file synchronization between NAS and OneDrive. The following are the specific steps:

Step 1. Log in according to your account, install Cloud Sync from the Synology NAS Package Center.

Step 2. Open the Cloud Sync interface, click “+” to allow Cloud Sync access to your OneDrive account.

Step 3. Once the connection has been created, you can begin configuring your backup. Set a local and remote path as well as set a Sync direction. Select “Upload local changes only” and check the last item in the interface.

Finish your setup by clicking “Next” then apply NAS to OneDrive backup.

  • Using a third-party tool to back up data in NAS to OneDrive

MultCloud, which is a web-based cloud file manager, has 3 main functions: Cloud Sync, Cloud Transfer, Remote Upload. In addition, it supports more than 30 mainstream clouds, such as NAS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, Google Photos, and protocols like FTP, FTPS, WebDav. Therefore, not only can you use this tool to back up NAS files to OneDrive, but you can also realize data transfer and synchronization between other cloud drives.

Compared with Synology NAS, it is easier to use MultCloud to back up NAS to OneDrive.

Step 1: Registration

Enter the MultCloud homepage to register an account. If you don’t want to register for the time being, MultCloud also supports the creation of a temporary account. (Note: Registration is completely free.) Of course, you can also use Facebook or Google account to register. In any case, the method of registration is up to you.

Step 2: Add NAS

After the registration is complete, the back-end interface is as shown in the figure below. Click the “Add Cloud” icon to choose NAS to add to MultCloud. Note that there is a little difference between adding a NAS and adding a regular cloud drive. Before adding a NAS, you must enable WebDav or FTP server on the NAS server.

Step 3: Add OneDrive

Adding your OneDrive account is much easier, just click “OneDrive”, log in to your account, and make sure to authorize MultCloud to access your OneDrive files. When both NAS and OneDrive are added, you will see the NAS and OneDrive on the left panel.

Step 4: Cloud Sync

Please click “Cloud Sync”, select your NAS as the source directory, select OneDrive as the target directory, and then click “Sync Now” to start the sync.


The above two methods can achieve sync and backup from NAS to OneDrive. You can choose according to your needs. But in terms of file transfer or sync, the functions provided by MultCloud are more suitable for users, because its operation is relatively simple.

Another attractive point is that MultCloud provides “Cloud Transfer” and “Remote Upload” functions. If you want to do a large amount of data migration operation, such as migrate Dropbox to OneDrive, “Cloud Transfer” can assist you very well. For “Remote Upload”, you can use this function to transfer files to cloud disks by parsing magnetic links and torrent files.


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