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How To Avail a Green Tick for WhatsApp API for Business?

WhatsApp Business is gaining traction and emerging as a pioneer in the digital marketing world. No one can deny that it is the best online platform for businesses to transform their operations effectively. From marketing to sales, it allows companies to conduct and simplify their lead generation and revenue generation.


If you, too, are a business owner looking to expand your operations on a digital scale, you’ve heard of the WhatsApp API for Business. It acts as the perfect middleman, allowing you to better engage with your audience. With over 2 billion global users, it’s ideal for helping you drive sales and deliver better customer support. 

What Does the Green Tick on WhatsApp Business Represent?

The green tick refers to the verification badge granted to a particular registered business on the WhatsApp API for business. It indicates that the number is legit and has been logged in WhatsApp’s official business account database. 

It is among the first things you must strive to get as a business owner if you plan to use WhatsApp for your operations. You must submit your business details and pass a detailed verification process. During this, the team will check if your business profile meets WhatsApp’s set terms and conditions.

Why Should Businesses Strive for the Green Batch?

In the digital world, the Whatsapp green verification badge translates into trust, implying that customers can rest assured that the business account is 100% real and not spam. 

The green tick acts as a stamp of validity, proving a business’ authenticity in WhatsApp’s Official Business Account. It is a prize since the badge is awarded only to well-established and popular companies with high credibility. 

The verification stamp is crucial, as it helps these registered enterprises quickly reach their customers. It showcases long-standing repute and instills a sense of security among users. Such a situation allows for effortless customer engagement and generates conversions. 

How Can A Business Apply For The Verification Badge?

Your business must meet WhatsApp’s predetermined criteria to be eligible for the WhatsApp business account verification process. 

  1. You must create a separate WhatsApp API for business
  2. You must get your Business account verified on Meta’s Business Manager 
  3. You must activate two-factor authentication 
  4. You must have your business’ display/profile name approved

Additionally, as a rule of thumb, look into these suggestions. While they’re not mandatory, having them checked off on your list is better to increase your chances of getting the green tick.

  1. You must create an official website and email address. Separate your private WhatsApp profile from your business one. It indicates essential professionalism.
  2. You must run paid advertisements on WhatsApp. You can rank higher in Meta’s digital inventory through these click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns. It indicates that you’re an advanced user. 
  3. You must build brand awareness and establish a reputation through strong PR campaigns. You can also create a user-friendly customer support system to maximise engagement. Ultimately, all these actions will help you build your business’ credibility on WhatsApp’s official database.
  4. You must earn a high rating on your Business account/official WhatsApp number. Ensure that you have a high messaging volume and quality rating. However, while trying to boost the former, don’t spam users, as it can drop your overall rank tremendously. 
  5. Use QR codes or redirected WhatsApp links for real-time rankings based on their experience and your service. Reviews and ratings can take a long way in accepting your application.
  6. You must upgrade your messaging tier continuously. Meta comes out with regular updates. So read up on those and incorporate new elements in your digital marketing strategy.

Now that you know everything about getting verified, it’s time to start the application process.

Applying for an Official Business Account (OBA) [Getting Verified on WhatsApp]

  1. You can do this directly through the WhatsApp Business Manager. You must use your business profile’s official registered Whatsapp Business profile to do this.
  2. Next, log in to WhatsApp Manager. Go to the Account Tools section. Pick the correct number (Again, be sure to enter/pick the number linked to your official Business profile).
  3. Also, be sure to check and confirm your business name before you apply for verification. Once your request goes through, you’ll be bound to that name. You’ll need to reapply to change your official display name. So, check for any errors or changes before applying. 
  4. Now, select Profile. Here, you can submit a request to create an Official Business Account. 
  5. Enter all the details carefully. Mistakes can cost you a lot. If your verification request gets rejected, you must wait another 30 days before reapplying. So, take your time and be thorough. 
  6. You should receive a WhatsApp response in 2 to 4 working days. Further, you can track the status of your verification request by accessing Direct Support in Meta’s Business Manager.
  7. Once approved, you’ll receive the green tick on your Business profile. If denied, don’t panic. It happens, especially if you’re a new business without a solid online presence. Instead, focus on building your business and reapply after 30 days. The 


Meta doesn’t hand over badges to anyone. Your business must stand out if you want to get this green tick. Don’t get disheartened. Buckle up and work harder. And don’t forget to reapply!

Ideally, most businesses should wait at least 60 to 90 days before applying again. Doing this will grant you significant time to develop your business further. Boost your operations and build your online presence further. Invest in SEO and create an excellent digital marketing strategy to direct organic traffic to your website and other social media handles. 

Apply for the WhatsApp Green Tick for Business API now!

Whether you handle a small business or run an enterprise, you can use WhatsApp to scale your communications and customer support. 

Use the WhatsApp Business Platform to communicate with your users through programmatic access and the WhatsApp Business App to manage all user interactions personally. Conversations with customers

With the verification badge, you can make all your conversations more accessible for greater conversions and better sales margins. 

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