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How To Attract High-Value Remote Workers To Your Enterprise

Remote Workers

Attracting people is the biggest challenge when you’re just starting up a firm. Most talented employees want to work for stable big names, not startups nobody has heard of that could shut down at any time. 

Fortunately, there are some tested methods and strategies you can use to overcome this problem. Hiring the best people is something anyone can do, and top entrepreneurs prove it’s possible time and time again. 

So what’s the strategy you should be using to capture the best people worldwide? 

Highlight Employee Testimonials

When people have choices, they are fussy. Top global talent knows it can work pretty much anywhere, and companies will give them money hand over fist. 

For this reason, employee testimonials can help swing the balance of their decision-making in your favor. If they can see that you’re a great place to work, they’ll consider you above rivals who simply offer enormous pay packets and bonuses. 

Make sure the testimonials are from real employees, not senior management. Ideally, present them in video format to build trust and introduce prospects to the type of people they will work with. Go into detail about what’s good about your working environment and why people all over the country want to become bonafide members of your team. 

Speed Up The Recruitment Process

Another tactic you can use to attract high-value remote employees is to speed up the recruitment process. Instead of forcing them with months of interviews and trial periods like pig meat through a sausage grinder, give them access to the benefits your company has to offer rapidly. 

Remember, top talent knows it is good, and it expects you to know it is good, too. Many people at the top of their game find it frustrating when companies force them through their pointless procedures, only to inevitably wind up offering them the job they want at the end of it. 

Instead, look for ways to secure the highest-value people using more insightful processes. Streamline selection to weed out the chaff. 

Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Remote Workers

Given the millennial component in top talent, it is also valuable to demonstrate social responsibility. You need to convince individuals that your company acts ethically. 

Remember, younger workers care about more than making money. Individuals want to feel like they are contributing to society positively. If firms’ values don’t align with theirs, then they are more likely to gloss over them and look for alternatives that do. 

Focus more on demonstrating social responsibility on the corporate front than the consumer one. This way, you can minimize the cost of virtue while signaling to your prospective employees you are a good place for them to work. 

Offer Career Development

You should also offer various career development pathways to employees, showing them a roadmap of how they can advance in your organization. Make it clear that you support their personal aspirations and want to extract as much talent from them as possible. 

Naturally, it is in your interest to do this too, as a firm. You need new people to come in to replace those who inevitably leave through retirement. Having quality people on your team ensures this. 

Improve Remote Working Technology

Another way to attract top remote talent is to improve your technology. Candidates want to see you have tools in place to facilitate their productivity, contribution, and growth. 

Start by implementing virtual desktops for your existing remote employees if you have any. Ensure they have the same network access rights and privileges as those at your conventional offices. 

Next, focus on adding communication technologies that enable workers to talk to their colleagues and build relationships, even if they are in a distant land. Find ways to integrate them into your team digitally and insist on semi-social events where everyone can get to know each other and understand how they are interdependent. 

Finally, ensure you offer them the equipment they need to perform their role adequately. Talented employees are prone to frustration and don’t want to deal with slow broadband connections or laptop hard drives. That’s not in their playbook. 

Post Jobs Globally

This next tip for attracting talented remote employees globally is essential but often overlooked. Avoid posting job descriptions on regular job sites. Instead, advertise globally and make it clear in the first sentence that the work is remote. Don’t make it ambiguous. Talented individuals in foreign countries will immediately begin competing for the role, particularly if the compensation is adequate. 

When posting global roles, ensure you set the correct filters on respective job sites. If you’re not sure how these work, speak with the platform provider. 

Invest In Employer Branding

Another way to attract talent is to do what Google does and invest in your employer branding. Make it seem like you are a great company to work for and that employees on your team have fun.

You can build an employer brand by sharing your organization’s achievements, awards, and recognitions. Proving to talented individuals they will enjoy success is a potent strategy for piquing their interest. 

You can also try highlighting your culture and values. However, this approach can be a little riskier and it may exclude many of the people you want to attract. Don’t assume that your corporate culture is perfect and that every sane person will agree with it. Try to be genuinely diverse by hiring people who have different perspectives from you. 

Offer Better Compensation

Remote Workers

Finally, ensure you offer competitive compensation. Remember, most of the talented individuals you want to join your team currently work for other firms. 

Many companies say they only want the top 10 percent of employees to work for them but pay the average industry wage. This strategy isn’t going to work. If you know you’re good, why would you stick around with a stingy company? 

Make sure that the compensation you offer matches the type of people you want to hire. In a market economy, you always have to pay for quality. 

So, there you have it: some of the ways to attract high-quality remote employees to your firm. 

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