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How To Apply Grip Tape On Skate Board Deck?

How To Peel Off The Old Grip Tape From Your Skateboard Deck?

A skateboard is incomplete without grip tape. The deck on your skateboard feels slippery without grip tape or if the grip tape gets too old. The grip tape is an essential part of a skateboard because it provides friction and lets your feet stick to the surface of the deck board. Most importantly, it plays a vital role in performing tricks.

Applying tape on a skateboard is easy if you have a little practice. If you never applied grip tape on your skateboard deck and intend to learn, then this article is all about you. This article consists of some easy steps to let you know how to apply grip tape on a skateboard deck. Let’s get started!

Steps To Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard Deck

How To Apply Grip Tape On Skate Board Deck?
You will have successfully completed the process of tapping your deck if you follow the process step by step. It is divided into small sections so that you can remember the process and face no difficulties while applying grip tape on your board deck.

Before getting started with it, you need some tools and materials that will help you to place the tape accurately and make a vivid transition.

  • Grip tape: Take a sheet of grip tape according to the size of the deck.
  • Razor blade: You’ll need a cutter or razor blade to cut the extra tape.
  • Metal rod: When you’ll cut down the tape, a rounded metal rod or screwdriver helps to press and grind down the edges of the tape.

Step 1. Preparing The Skateboard Deck

Before applying the tape to your skateboard deck, remove the old tape if needed. Clean the deck well and dry it if it is wet. Otherwise, the tape is not going to stick to it. If it is new, remove the packaging and stickers that come with it.

Step 2. Lining Up The Tape On The Deck

Take the tape sheet and put it on the deck. Make sure that it would line up with it. It’s better if it extends to one or two inches because it will cover the edges of the deck completely and no part of the deck will be missed. If the sheet covers all the edges easily and even crosses the edges, you are prepared to apply it on your deck board.

Step 3. Applying The Grip Tape

Now grab the back sticker of the grip tape and start peeling it off from one corner to the other slowly. When you peeled it off completely, make sure that you have placed it in the center of the deck. Now put both of your hands on the center point of the tape and start pressing it towards the edges flattering towards the width of the sheet on both sides.

Once the tape sticks to the center of the deck, then start pressing your hands toward both corners of the deck board. Make sure that no bubbles have remained on the tape sheet. In the end, you will see a small part of the tape sheet is extended from the edges of the deck.

Step 4. Rounding Down The Edges

When the tape sticks to the deck completely, hold the rounded metal rod and press it hard on the edges of the deck in order to stick the extended part of the tape down. Consequently, you will see a straight line on the tape sheet after pressing the rod on the edges.

Step 5. Cutting Off The Edges

Now your job is nearly going to finish. It’s time to cut off the unnecessary part of the tape sheet from its edges. For that, take a sharp razor blade and start cutting off the edges carefully. Cut the edges in a sequence by following the line on the tape sheet. After completing this step, now all extra edges of the tape sheet has removed and your board will look nice.

Then you need to press the tape on the edges of the skateboard deck. Press it on the edges until the tape sticks to the deck board. This is where you have finished your job and your skateboard deck is ready to use.

How To Peel Off The Old Grip Tape From Your Skateboard Deck?

How To Apply Grip Tape On Skate Board Deck?
First of all, remove the truck and wheels from the skateboard deck so that they might not be damaged while peeling off the old grip tape from the deck. Now take a hair dryer in order to heat the tape sheet. Run a hair dryer on the head or tail of the deck. Consequently, the tape will get soft. Now you can remove it from an edge with the help of your thumb and index finger.

Once it starts peeling off, hold it with the help of your hand and push it toward another corner of the deck. If, at a moment, it feels difficult to remove it, use the hair dryer again and heat that specific part. As a result, it will easily be removed. The grip tape is quite hard, and peeling it off in one go is difficult. So it may be broken into various pieces.


Applying grip tape on the skateboard deck takes time if you have not tried it before. With a little practice, you can finish the process perfectly in a few minutes. If your grip tape is too old, you should update the grip tape so that you can get traction while riding on the skateboard. Along with applying the grip tape, peeling off the grip tape from the skateboard deck is also a technique. Hopefully, now you can deal with the grip tape easily.

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