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How to apply for a credit card in the UAE: Your Ultimate Guide

In the 21st century, everything lives at a lightning-fast speed. Imagine going to the bank to withdraw or borrow money. Credit cards help you borrow money from the bank without the paperwork or hassle. Credit cards offer a short-term borrowing facility. Customers can easily pay their bills and shop anywhere.

The process of applying for a credit card can be difficult. The right partner can change everything and a reliable partner like ADCB can make the process extremely simple and convenient. Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for a credit card for beginners.

What makes credit cards a preferred choice?

The credit card offers its users convenience by saving a lot of time and effort for the customers.

  • Convenient payment:

A credit card is a convenient payment option for both online and offline purchases.

  • Secure method of payment

It is also easy to carry one without worrying about theft or damage like cash. It is easy to block one in case it’s lost.

  • Easy borrowing

Credit allows you to borrow from a bank for your short-term requirements. So now you can shop even though you may not have enough balance in the bank.

  • Rewards and gifts

Credit cards also come with a lot of benefits such as cashback, discounts, exclusive services, free tickets etc

  • Wide acceptance:

They are easily accepted at all hotels, airports and malls around the malls. It makes it convenient for travellers as they don’t have to carry local currency.

How to apply credit card

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to apply for a credit card:

  1. Research all the options available: The first step is to research all the options for credit cards in the UAE. Identify all such reliable options and compare them based on interest rates, annual fees, acceptability, rewards or benefits.
  2. Choose the one that fits you best: After the initial research now select the card that best suits your financial needs. Some cards may offer more benefits like cashback, rewards, and free travel, while others may have lower annual fees or lower interest rates.
  3. Gather necessary documents: Collect all the legal documents required such as Valid ID, passport, visa, address and income proof.
  4. Visit the Bank website: Almost all banks now offer the facility to apply for credit cards online through their app or website. It saves a lot of time and effort for an individual.
  5. Credit Card delivery: After the process of authentication is completed by the bank the credit card gets delivered to you.

Apply ADCB credit card: Enjoy our exclusive plans and benefits

If you are considering applying for a credit card in UAE then ADCB is the ultimate destination to unlock many exclusive rewards. Dive into the pool of exciting gifts:

  • Global acceptability
  • Exciting rewards and gifts
  • Customized credit card plans
  • Cash backs and entertainment discounts
  • Earn travel points or air miles on each purchase
  • Access the exclusive airport lounge services
  • Complimentary insurance coverage
  • Quick and secure payments

Experience convenience and ease with the ADCB credit card. Visit our website to buy your credit card.


Align your lifestyle and everyday choices with the accessible financial tool of a credit card. Applying for a credit card is an easy and convenient process and ADCB is your right partner to unlock the doors of financial empowerment. Happy swiping.

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