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How to add testimonials to your Shopify store

When having a Shopify store, you may want to use different means to promote your brand, product, or service. With the help of various apps, you are able to increase conversion, boost sales, and build life-long customers. 

Customer testimonials can become the most powerful engine for promoting your Shopify store. Luckily, the Shopify App Store offers over 800 applications for the job. And the cherry on top is that you can save time and money to obtain a tool belt with great features. There are free product review apps like the Webtex app (Visit for more details).

Let’s have a look at what testimonials are and how they work.

What are testimonials?

When looking for any product or service, customers are eager to know the experience of others to understand if it is worth purchasing. The best way to satisfy their desire is to use testimonials of your loyal customers.

Testimonials not only present your brand, product, or service in the best light but also demonstrate benefits any can get when using them. It’s a kind of endorsement from the users.

Importance of testimonials for your Shopify store

At the very moment that you as a vendor demonstrate your brand, product, or service, say about its best sides, how it can be useful for them, customers perceive it as a marketing ploy, which can be kind of tricky. It sounds unnatural to them. On the contrary, the shoppers are ready to listen to real stories from someone who has experience using this or that product.

According to Bright Local, for 79% of consumers, testimonials are like recommendations from their friends or family.

Now, let’s see how testimonials help your business.

Build credibility and increase audience trust

The better words people say about your products, the higher credibility is to your brand. 

Thus, the more testimonials you have, the more credible and competitive you seem to be to your potential customers. 

It’s much easier to secure the customers’ trust when your brand is credible. Your audience is likely to believe testimonials of real customers more than influencers or celebrities, as ordinary buyers sound more genuine and sincere. 

As a result, authentic testimonials where consumers share their experience and success of using your product or service are the best way to build trust. 

Increase conversions

A case study from VWO has shown that conversions and sales can be increased by 34% due to the use of testimonials. It goes without saying that positioning them in the right place also plays a decisive role.

Decrease marketing costs

The most advantageous part of testimonials is that they do not need any financial investments as testimonials are supposed to be a voluntary way of sharing the experience of your customers. Nevertheless, you are free to stimulate buyers to provide testimonials with the help of giveaways or discounts.

Ways to add testimonials to your Shopify store

For adding testimonials to your Shopify store, you can use the home page, product page, checkout page, or emails.

Email newsletters

When sending email newsletters you remind your subscribers of discounts, special offers, product news. Moreover, you can increase conversion rate when such emails are going with the right testimonials persuading customers to follow the link to your store. 

Video and photo testimonials 

It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. That’s why video and photo testimonials can have a greater impact on your customers, being an emotional connection with consumers and helping persuade your potential customers.

There are several ways to get video and photo testimonials. One of them is to request a satisfied customer to send it to you. Another one is to make use of social media influencers who have a lot of followers, asking them to use your product and send back a video review on it or photos of your product. Thus, you can add such testimonials to your Shopify store.

Customer quotes

The first place consumers see when they visit your store is the home page. Thus, there is no better place to display testimonials of positive experience of using your brand by satisfied customers. Quotes with real names and photos of your product encourage potential customers and increase their trust.

You can’t diminish the importance of such testimonials on the product or checkout page, as they can help customers understand the benefits that can be gained and make a proper decision at the right moment.

In addition, you can create a separate page where you will collect all the testimonials in one place. Filtering them by category is also a good idea.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that testimonials are not only a way for customers to share their experience of using your brand, service, or product. Experiences shared by loyal customers are also crucial in building credibility and trust, helping increase your revenue and number of followers, boosting sales, building loyalty to your brand, and promoting your business.

It can’t be helped by mentioning that you can obtain all these advantages free of charge and without much effort.

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