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Product photography is easier said than done. While lighting the item is one thing, having the right background also impacts viewers and potential customers. If you’ve noticed busy backgrounds in product photos, such as brightly colored or textured ones, you’d probably find yourself distracted from the item.

Hence, making the background of a picture white removes all distractions. White looks clean, crisp, and minimalist – assuring the product is in the spotlight. You can also enhance the color of the product, resulting in a more professional appearance – photos that look brilliant online and in print.

So here’s how to put a white background on a picture using some simple tools and steps listed below!

1) Use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to make the background white

You can use this online tool from Photoshop for removing the background and making it white – all in your browser!

  • Upload a photo for background removal.
  • Download the photo or click ‘Customize’ to open it in Creative Cloud Express on your browser.
  • Link your Google account or if you already have an Adobe ID, use it to sign in.
  • Use the ‘Edit Background’ option to change the background color to white.
  • You can download the photo in high-quality PNG, JPG, or PDF formats.

Alternatively, here is how to add a white background to your image when using Photoshop on your device:

  • Select a photo in which the product has sharp and clear edges.
  • Open the image in Photoshop and duplicate it by clicking ‘Layer’ on the top menu. From the submenu, click new and then ‘Layer’ again.

Now with the duplicate image, you can use one of these two options for making the background of the photo white:

I.  Level adjustments (using hand-painting option):

  • Choose ‘Image’ from the top menu. 
  • Select ‘Adjustments’ and then ‘Levels’.
  • Desaturate the image by adjusting the sliders for RGB values to 0.
  • This will be your ‘edits’ copy – situated in between the original photo and the background copy in the layers menu.
  • Add a layer mask to the duplicate photo by clicking on the gray square icon (having a circle).
  • From the brushes, select the hard round brush tool.
  • Set the brush color to black and opacity to 100%.
  • Choose the layer mask.
  • Paint out the product in the image.
  • The white background will begin to appear gradually.

II. Use selection tools (skip hand-painting for more precision):

  • Choose ‘Select’ from the top menu.
  • Click ‘Select and Mask’.
  • Pick the overlay option from viewing mode and a red overcast will appear.
  • Use the quick selection tool to paint out the subject (your product).
  • From the sidebar, select the refine edge tool.
  • From the main menu, select ‘Output to’.
  • Followed by ‘New Layer with ‘Layer Mask’.
  • After the background is removed, select a new layer.
  • Pick white from the colors and use fill-in for the background.

So, adding a white background to your image with Photoshop is ideal if you want plenty of other advanced options as well.

Product photos in online shop

2) Swift steps for making the background of a photo white with PhotoWorks

Add a white background to a photo with the help of the following steps using PhotoWorks:

  • Download and install the software on your device.
  • Open your photo in the program and select the ‘Change Background’ feature from tools.
  • Use the green ‘Object’ brush to paint around the edges of the subject.
  • You can alter the size and softness of the brush.
  • Zoom in to check if the edges are soft and smooth. 
  • Select ‘Background’ from the side menu and decrease opacity for more transparency.
  • Click ‘Next’ to add a white background to your image.

With PhotoWorks, you’ll get the right quality with minimal steps. Start your free trial today!

3) Use for quick online background removal is a quick online tool rather than a full-fledged photo-editing software. Here’s how to use it:

  • Drag and drop a file from your computer or upload it from your phone.
  • The background will be removed in 5 seconds.
  • Download the photo in preview size.
  • Add a white background to your new transparent photo using online or in a separate photo editor.

You can also choose to download the image in high definition (HD). However, you would have to sign up and it also depends on the credits you have, which means limits to the number of downloads.


And so, you can make the background of a picture white by using any of the above tools. Considering the time and proficiency you have with photo-editing will help you make the right choice. With Photoshop, you will have many choices in case one option doesn’t work, however, it may take longer. If you use PhotoWorks, the process is swift as there are a limited number of quick and simple tools. If you prefer a quick solution and don’t mind compromising a bit on the quality, then is the best choice. Whichever tool you opt for, make sure the product photo is sharp for optimum results. Happy photo editing!

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