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How To Activate Microsoft Office 2010

How to Activate Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2010 has several other applications contents such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, One Note, and others that are useful for completing office work.

New users, they will definitely be confused about how to activate Microsoft Office 2010, which is surprisingly easy. Enjoying Microsoft Office in full greatly facilitates a job because it will be faster.

Actually, without user activation, you can still use Microsoft Office, but there are several other features that you cannot use, such as being unable to open document files or even edit them.

Microsoft Office 2010 is actually an outdated version, even though there are still many users of MS Office 2010. This is because Office 2010 is quite friendly to use and has several features that are quite complete.

For all of you who are currently using Microsoft Office 2010, but don’t know how to activate it. Immediately check how to activate the latest Office 2010 permanently in the following discussion:

How to Activate Office 2010 Without Applications

If you want a way to activate Office 2010 without using additional applications, the steps below are suitable for you to follow. Because without using additional applications, in this way you must have an official license code.

You can get the Office 2010 license code by buying it directly on the official website or through several trusted stores. For more details, see the following steps:

Open the Word Application

The first way to activate Office 2010 that can be done by Microsoft Office users is by opening one of the MS Office applications, such as Word, etc. After opening it, a window will appear to activate it.

Microsoft Office is known to have many applications that can be used without activation, but there are some locked features. Having complete features will make it easier for you later in any case.

Click Activation

On the home screen of the application from Microsoft Office 2010, there will be an activation button pop-up with the key logo at the bottom. This button is what you will later use for activation so that the full features open.

In the process of how to activate Office 2010 without an application, the user must have an activation code. But what if you don’t have it yet, then you can buy the code through several trusted shops.

Enter License Code

After you have the license code that you have purchased, then how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 permanently, what you need to do next is just enter the license code in the Office activation window.

This license is in the form of a set of codes that have been purchased from a previous shop. The price of this license code also varies according to the store that sells it. After entering the code, just click Next.

Click Online Redeem Options

After the license code is entered, there will be another option below, namely to redeem online. Here, make sure your computer has a good internet connection so that the activation process runs smoothly.

Apart from the online redemption option, there are also other options to cancel it. For that, don’t click wrong so that it can be processed quickly. Also, make sure the license code that you have is correct so that there are no errors in the process.

Wait Until Completed

The last way to activate Office 2010 that can be done is to complete the process. The last process is just waiting when you have selected the online redemption option because it takes a few moments.

If the internet connection you are using is stable, the process you are waiting for will be completed more quickly. However, if it hasn’t been or it’s been a long time, there may be errors that must be corrected by following the method above again.

How to find out if Microsoft Office is active or not

After knowing the steps above regarding how to activate Office 2010, to make sure whether the steps you have taken are successful or not, then you need to check it with the following steps:

  1. First, open one of the program contents from Microsoft Office 2010 such as MS Word or MS Excel
  2. Then point the cursor to the File menu then select the Help option on the bottom line
  3. There will appear the status of Microsoft Office 2010 that you have installed on your PC/computer
  4. If the activation process is successful, the status will read Product Activated and if not, it will say Trial Product
  5. Finished

At this stage, you have managed to find out whether the MS Office 2010 you are using is active or not. By knowing this, you can use Microsoft Office easily without any limitations.


So, that was the discussion about how to permanently activate Office 2010, how easy is it? That way you don’t need to be confused anymore when one day you want to activate it again at the office.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully, can be very useful for all of you don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other MS Office 2010 users can find out this too easily.

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