How to Activate and Use eSIM on iPhone – Ultimate Guide

In today’s dynamic digital age, connectivity is paramount, and advancements in technology have made staying connected easier than ever before. Enter the world of eSIMs: a modern solution for those constantly on the move. eSimCard, recognized as a global leader in eSIM technology, is here to ensure you’re always just a click away from your world.

A brief on what eSIM is

eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is akin to the standard SIM card. The primary distinction? It’s integrated into your device, ensuring it won’t be lost, damaged, or require swapping.

Traditional SIM cards have served us well, but they’re not without their limitations. They require physical swapping, are easy to lose, and can be quite a hassle for frequent travelers. eSIM, or ’embedded SIM’, has emerged as the new standard. Built directly into the device, eSIM can be activated remotely, eliminating the need for physical handling. With eSIM, switching between carriers or plans becomes a breeze.

Why is eSIM becoming popular?

In a hyper-connected age, eSIM offers the gift of flexibility. It allows users to effortlessly switch carriers without the need to change physical cards – ideal for frequent travelers or those who often juggle between networks.

The Rise of the eSIM

Difference between physical SIM and eSIM

Physical SIMs and eSIMs serve identical functions. One is tangible and requires physical handling, while the other is a digital marvel residing within your device.

Advantages of eSIM

The allure of eSIM centers around its convenience. Jet setting across continents? Switch to a local network on the fly. Got a brand-new device? Forget the tiny pins and eject tools; your eSIM is already onboard and ready to roll.

What Makes eSimCard Stand Out?

In a world teeming with eSIM providers, eSimCard shines brightly. But what makes it a top contender in this arena?

Overview of eSimCard as a provider

eSimCard is a renowned eSIM provider known for its broad network coverage, seamless activation process, and stellar customer support.

Benefits of choosing eSimCard

  • Global Coverage: eSimCard is recognized for its vast global footprint, ensuring you’re connected wherever your travels take you.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Offering a diverse range of plans, eSimCard caters to both casual users and power users.
  • Effortless Setup: With eSimCard, activation is a breeze, ensuring you’re connected in no time.

Requirements for eSIM Activation on iPhone

  • A compatible iPhone: Only the latest models from iPhone XS and onwards are eSIM-ready.
  • QR Code or manual details from your carrier.
  • A steady internet connection.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activate eSIM on iPhone

Scanning QR Code

  • Navigate to Settings > Cellular.
  • Tap on ‘Add Cellular Plan.’
  • Scan the provided QR code by your service provider.

Entering details manually

In the absence of a QR code, fret not:

  • Under the Cellular section, tap ‘Enter Details Manually’ beneath ‘Add Cellular Plan.’
  • Input the necessary details furnished by your service provider.

Switching between eSIM and physical SIM

Making the switch is a cakewalk. Just visit Settings > Cellular and select your desired SIM for cellular data or calls.

How to use eSIM on iPhone

Post activation, using the eSIM is as simple as:

  • Selecting Your Plan: Navigate to Settings > Cellular. Here, you can select which SIM (either your physical one or eSimCard’s eSIM) you want to use for what purpose (data, voice, etc.).
  • Switching Between Plans: If you have multiple eSIM plans or a combination of a physical SIM and an eSIM, you can easily switch between them through the Cellular settings.
  • Travel With Ease: With eSIM, you can retain your primary number and use the eSIM for data plans when traveling, avoiding hefty roaming charges

Benefits of Using eSIM on iPhone

  • Hassle-free transition between carriers.
  • No risk of misplacing or damaging a physical SIM.
  • An absolute blessing for avid travelers.
  • Streamlined device activation and setup.

Where to Buy an eSIM?

The market offers various eSIM providers, but for a seamless, cost-effective, and global solution, eSimCard is your best bet. Their platform offers a diverse range of eSIM options, ensuring uninterrupted communication no matter where you are.

The Best eSIM Provider –  eSimCard

When it comes to superior eSIM solutions, eSimCard stands unrivaled. Their commitment to revolutionizing global connectivity, combined with a plethora of affordable packages, positions them at the pinnacle of the eSIM world.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

eSIM sounds like tech nirvana. But, there can be bumps along the way. Some carriers might still be warming up to eSIM, or you might face regional roadblocks. The fix? A quick check with your provider before any major transition can save the day.


The dawn of the eSIM era is upon us, bringing with it unparalleled convenience. With trailblazers like iPhones leading the charge and top-tier providers like eSimCard fueling the journey, the future of mobile connectivity seems more exciting than ever.

FAQs – eSIM on iPhone

Is eSIM usage safe?

Absolutely! eSIM boasts the same security pedigree as its physical counterpart.

Can I juggle between eSIM and a physical SIM on my iPhone?

Indeed! This means two numbers or service providers on a single gadget.

If my iPhone meets an untimely end, is my eSIM lost for good?

Not in the slightest. Your eSIM details are safely retrievable. A chat with your carrier will point you in the right direction.

Is eSIM a staple in all iPhone models?

Nope. eSIM graced iPhones starting from the XS model and its subsequent iterations.

Will eSIM burn a hole in my pocket?

This largely hinges on your provider. A quick discussion with them can clarify any fee concerns.

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