How to Achieve Great Speed By Using Serverwala Dedicated Server in USA?

Dedicated Server in USA

With the boom in digitalization and the fastest evolving IT industry, every web user expects optimal performance and high speed while accessing any website. So, if you own a website, its speed and performance must be your significant concern. Further, the functioning of your website directly depends on the server on which you host it. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to opt for the hosting server capable of meeting all your website’s necessities and providing fully-fledged support. 

One such hosting server that can only lead to your website’s better performance and speed is the dedicated server in USA. It is superior to all the other existing web hosting servers in the web market as it eliminates every restriction and limitation you can face while hosting your website. But, you must ensure to seek a reliable web hosting company to employ a dedicated server to the best of its capability. 

So, here, we will introduce you to the leading web hosting company highly renowned for offering the best US dedicated server hosting at the most affordable rates. However, let us first begin with understanding the working of a dedicated server and how it is different from other popular hosting solutions. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting is the kind of web hosting service that lets you have the space of the entire server to host your website. Your website gets the support of all the web resources of the server and does not have to share them with other users unless you desire. Moreover, with the dedicated server in USA, you can host multiple websites of your web business while making them all run smoothly and efficiently. Also, all your websites can possess a dedicated IP address and secure hosting environment. Further, there is no possibility for other websites and users to intervene in your dedicated server or mess up your website’s operations and data. You get complete independence and high flexibility along with the robust security to host your website on a dedicated server.  

How Dedicated Server is Different From Shared and VPS Hosting?

In the shared server hosting, you are required to share the server space along with its resources among all the residing users on the server. So, your website is being hosted on the shared hosting environment with the required web resources. 

Whereas, with the virtual private server hosting, you reside on the same physical server among many others but acquire private and virtual space. Your website gets an isolated hosting environment along with dedicated resources. The VPS hosting can be seen as the upgraded version of the shared server hosting. It also attempts to mimic the dedicated server hosting environment. 

On the other side, a dedicated server hosting makes you free from all the constraints that the shared server or VPS provider implements. Here are some of the privileges that you get only with the dedicated server hosting –

  • You get root access to the entire server.
  • You can customize as well as configure the whole server and run it in a way that can make your website perform at its best. 
  • You can easily host multiple websites on your dedicated server in USA with full efficiency.
  • You get the choice of whether you wish to share your server space and resources with other users’ websites or not. 
  • You get a fully secure hosting platform that any unauthorized user cannot access or mess up. 

Why Serverwala’s Dedicated Server is The Prime Choice Of Many Organization

Dedicated Server

Quick Introduction To Serverwala

Serverwala is the web hosting company best-known for rendering high-grade dedicated server hosting services and facilities at the cheapest rates. It is counted among the most renowned and victorious organizations all over the globe. The company does not negotiate in providing any hyper-scale and intense web hosting services while offering a cheap price for a USA dedicated server. Moreover, your website also acquires high-tech support from productive, resilient, and modern technologies with the company’s dedicated servers. Check out the sections below to know about the excellent features and plans of Serverwala’s best-dedicated server in USA.

Most Exciting Features of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server In USA

Support for Hardware RAID

You acquire the support of Redundant Array of Independent Disks for your website. The company dedicated servers assist RAID – 0,1 5,10. Further, You can purchase them at an additional price. 

Premium Bandwidth

Without a doubt, you get the premium bandwidth with your cheap dedicated server USA. Your website will be able to obtain the fastest network while experiencing the bandwidth from 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS. 

Private VLAN Subnets

With the website hosting on the company’s best dedicated server USA, you get the possibility to develop private server clusters. For this, the company lets you have access to the 10GBPS virtual LAN subnets.

Consistent and Robust Network

Your website obtains the constant and robust network connectivity that brings along multiple Internet Exchanges from various industry-leading service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

The company provides one IPv4 and IPv6 address with the plans of a dedicated server in USA. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to acquire further Internet Protocols at a minimal extra price. 

Service Level Agreement 

You get the service level agreement with each dedicated server hosting plan. It provides the assurance of delivering a 100% uptime network to your website or websites.  

Value of Money

With the cheapest dedicated server in USA, the company ensures to provide the chance to your website for maximizing its performance. You acquire world-class services at a minimal investment cost and become capable of delivering a seamless experience to your end-users.  

Advanced data security

Your website can have as many security layers as needed with a dedicated server in USA. The company renders firewall protection, SSL security, and DDoS protection with all its servers. 

Affordable Plans & pricing of Serverwala’s USA Dedicated Server

With the plans and packages of Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server USA, you acquire the high possibility of upgrading your web resources as and when your website needs. Further, you get the choice to pick either managed or unmanaged web hosting service with them. However, each plan of the company’s best dedicated server USA comes with round-the-clock technical support via trained and experienced professionals. You can connect to them through different mediums of communication, including Skype, Whatsapp, Live Chat, Whatsapp, Email. They are always on their toes to give instant, smart and accessible solutions to all your issues. 


A USA dedicated server comes with scalability, flexibility, root access, sturdy data security, and customizability to enable you to make your website function at a faster speed and with high reliability. If you are already hosting your website on some hosting server and wish to intensify its performance, upgrading to Serverwala dedicated server must be your move. Moreover, if you are unsure about running the entire server on your own, you can opt for the company’s managed hosting service with the desired plan. Browse the company’s official website now to gain more details about its leading and cheap dedicated server USA.

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